Friday, March 25, 2011

Sweet on Vegan Sweets

Jeff and I have been vegan for almost two weeks.  Except for the uncontrollable shaking and vomiting from cheese withdrawal I'm fine (JK).  Actually it has not been that bad.  I miss cheese the most, and sometimes seafood, but I'm alright with tofu, tempe, and setan most of the time.  We have been experimenting with recipes and have found some good ones.  But the after dinner sweets are my favorite part of the day, so I got right to work on some vegan deserts. 

I made two desserts. 

The first was vegan vanilla and chocolate pudding.  It was so good we made it twice (and doubled the recipe the second time).  I got the recipe from a vegan blog I found called Rhymes with Vegan.  The pudding is made from silken tofu.  It was great but had one problem...too much sugar. 
The consistency was good.  I even managed to lessen the sugar content and it was still good, but not something we should eat every day. 

On Saturday Jeff and I went to a great vegan restaurant to celebrate one week of being vegan.  For dessert I had a pear crumble.  I love crumble, apple in particular, but I never make it because Jeff hates cooked apples (Who hates cooked apples I have never heard of that? And I make an incredible apple pie, he is totally missing out.) he does not hate cooked pears however. 

So a few nights later I made my own crumble:

I used pear and strawberry (because we had them in the house) and a little extra flour in the crumble.  It was BETTER than the vegan restaurant!!!  Even picky Jeff likes it ... no ... he loves it.  He requested it again tonight.  What I like about this dessert is that it gives us a few more fruits for our daily fruit requirements, and it has much less sugar. 

I love desserts and may have to do some more experimenting soon.  I'm thinking about making that parfait again but with the vanilla tofu pudding (that could be really good).  

Strawberry and pear crumble with a cup of tea (with soy milk of course)...perfection!


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