Saturday, June 1, 2013

Baby Bump Update

Well, not much happening on the craft front.  In fact, I'm beginning to miss it, a lot.  I'm not sure what craft I will do next, but I have some ideas.

The last couple of months have been quite stressful.  We had to evict a tenant next door and she was quite difficult.  I'm happy to say that she moved out today and we changed the locks.  It is good to have her gone. Now that that pest is out of the way, I hope to focus on more fun stuff.  Tomorrow I will have a friend over for the first time since I found out I was pregnant.  I'm making Quiche and maybe some fruit.  Who knows, maybe I will go all out.  I even made some lemon sorbet so we might have that for desert.

I gathered my baby bump photos, cropped them down and now I have them to show all of you.  The first two you saw, but the last one is quite exciting.  You can actually see my little bump.

Month 2

Month 3
Month 4
That last one was taken on a very sunny day (no, that is not all pregnancy glow, hehe).  I kind of like the saturated light look.  I fiddled with the lighting of the other two.  It is not so easy to get the same lighting on a different month.  Ah Pinterest, I blame you for all the great photos of baby bumps I have seen!

In other baby news ... I'm getting the crib I have been dreaming of since before this little avocado (the baby's size this week) was conceived.  I will go to pick it up tomorrow.  What a blessing.  A woman I met at yoga gave it to me.  Maybe this crib will inspire a nursery design board.

I'll try to take photos of the quiche and the process.

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