Friday, April 1, 2011

Binding Binder

Does having a binder mean you are bound to use it?  I just made a family binder but it is like a rabbit hole, to more you make the binder the further you go down the hole.

After my binder was finished I found Jen's helpful household maintenance list (oh good more chores).  They seem like a good idea (and it's so cute), and we are new homeowners so I printed it out and will put it in the binder ... but it occurred to me that I am just making more work for myself.  I know this is stupid, and I know the list is a good idea but I am strangely feeling more and more bound to this little binder. 

All that aside I made the cutest binder just check out these great shots.

I used the templates from Word, it was super easy.  I even made a label for the side.  It was fun.  I used the rainbow theme throughout.

Here are the dividers:

The dividers are in rainbow order, and alphabetical.  Rainbows make me happy.  It reminds me of some of my favorite moments of childhood reading The Magical Rainbow Man and His Journey of Love and pouring over the amazing illustrations.  (I love that book, I have to get a copy).

OK back to the binder... I used many of the free printouts Jen posted on IHeart Organizing, and made one of my own.

The cleaning list I wrote about here was very boring to look at, so I jazzed it up.  Using the rainbow theme, I made little check boxes with the dates for the next year.  I love how it turned out.

Here are the subjects, and the pages I included.
1. Auto - Jen's auto log
2. Cleaning Schedule - I made this one myself (I probably can't give it out because the writing is not my own, sorry guys)
3. Emergency Numbers - This has a Emergency Contact List (I found on online)
4. Grocery List - I downloaded The Ultimate Vegetarian Grocery List from, and printed out several copies.  It's great. I get lost in grocery stores and find myself wandering around aimlessly, this list has the items by isle.
5. Future Plans- Here I have the Weekend Wish List, and Jen's Gift Giving Plan.
6. Schedules - It has Jen's Important Dates list and the previously mentioned household checklist.

Now since we are talking about binders I want to show you my simple recipe binder.

I have it organized by meal, and if you use your imagination you can see this one has a rainbow too. 

The cover is simple white, with a little label on the side (nothing too exciting).

I have been cutting out articles from magazines, and just love the "10 things to do with..." two page layout from Real Simple each month.  I have them in a special section.  They area  great way to find a new, easy, quick recipe.

I also have all the recipes in protective sheet covers, so when (notice I say when and not if) I spill food on them, they clean up well. 

I have other binders all over the house.  A wedding binder, a craft binder, a party binder, several teaching binders from my history teaching days, and three huge binders with articles form Graduate school.  I'm beginning to think maybe I have taken this binder thing too far. 

Upkeep on my new home is important, so I really should not feel too bound by my binder, it is not the poor binder's fault I have so much to do for the house.  The work has to be done whether or not I have a binder to remind me.  The moral of the story is, use the binder don't resent it (and maintain your home)

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  2. Very nice! Love the rainbow colors. And those recipes look so easy to flip through! I loved this binder challenge! I especially loved the section with birthday cards. It totally inspired a challenge I wrote this week. Feel free to check it out at

  3. Love the rainbow colors ! Wasn't this challenge fun !

  4. Hi, I only just found out about the binders so haven't created one myself but decided to peruse around and see what everyone came up with and get some great ideas!

    I really like the magazine cutout idea :) might have to do that myself...!

  5. Hey,
    Thanks for the article, I found it from the Iheart link.
    Wanted to give you the fyi of a typo and didn't know how else to get you the info.

    I have other binders all over the house. A wedding binder, a craft binder, a party binder, several teaching binders from my history teaching days, and three huge binders with articles
    form [FROM]
    Graduate school. I'm beginning to think maybe I have taken this binder thing too far.


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  6. Where did you get your rainbow ordered binder dividers? I'm a teacher and schooling coach, and the rainbow order works perfectly for our school schedule, but I can't seem to find them anywhere!


    1. It has been quite a while since I made this binder, but what I generally do to get the rainbow labels is buy a couple different color packs until I have all the colors in the rainbow. then I just use them in the right order. I don't know why these companies don't sell them in a rainbow.


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