Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cranberry Recipes I Can't Wait to Try

I love cranberries. I have always loved them. When I was a kid, it was my job to make the cranberry sauce, and I loved to do it because I got to "taste" along the way. My mom was always warning me not to 'taste" it all.To this day I eat cranberry sauce with a spoon. When I taught in India, I always made sure I had some dried cranberries packed in my suitcase from home.

So as soon as cranberries hit the stores in November, I stock up. Each time I shop I make sure to throw a couple bags of cranberries in my cart. Many recipes indicate that stores will have cranberries in the freezer isle, but I can never find them in my area. I can't understand why stores don't carry them all year. Unlike most people. I like my cranberries all year long. I have been known to eat a can of cranberry sauce in July. Lucky for me they freeze well. I just throw the whole bag in the freezer for later.

My love of Cranberries combined with my love of baking has led me to find several cranberry recipes I would like to try. Because of the new addition to the family, (more on that later, I have to rewrite the post due to a saving problem) I have only been able to make one of these recipes, but I hope to make many more. I might even make one this week.

Cranberry Orange Bread

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I made this bread twice in a one week, and only a couple of weeks after the birth of my little one. It was that good. I ate the first loaf  pretty much by myself - in a couple of hours.

Don't be fooled, this quick bread does not rise much. When I saw how full my loaf pan was from the batter I thought maybe it was a double loaf, then had two very short loafs instead.

I love that this cake has LOTS of cranberries.

Cranberry Clementine Coconut Bars

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These bars are next on my list. They not only look amazing, they sound amazing. Cranberries, coconut and clementines? Sounds divine to me. I have pined this twice on Pinterest, that means I really need to try it.

Cranberry Bread Pudding

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I admit, bread pudding is an acquired taste. I believe being brought up by my Australian mother has given me that taste. The kind of taste that likes bread all soggy and mushy. After years of watching me dunk my toast and cookies in my tea my husband said to me: "You know you don't have to dunk everything in your tea." It was not a question. It was a statement from an American who never thought to dunk anything but cookies in milk, and maybe the occasional biscotti.

I would like to make bread pudding for my husband, because after nine years with me, he does sometimes dunk a cookie in his tea. Unfortunately, this is not the one. Hubby does not like cranberries.

This cranberry bread pudding would be fun Christmas morning, or any morning for that matter. :)

Cranberry Tart

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I'm not good at tarts. I'm not sure why. I can do pies, I can do cookies, I can do cakes, I can even do souffles, but tarts escape me. I hope to tackle this tart one day. Heck, I hope to make a sucessful tart one day of any sort. It sure looks good.

Cranberry Red Wine Sorbet

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I love me some wine, add cranberries and I'm in heaven. I have been wanting to make red wine sorbet for quite a while. Maybe this recipe will inspire me to actually make it.

Cranberry and Orange Flavored Vodka

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In true Martha Stewart fashion this recipe not only sounds good, but it is well packaged. This vodka would be fun to make as gifts for my lady-friends at Christmas. It even comes with a Cranberry Cosmopolitan Cocktail Tag to print with the vodka.

My taste for cranberry deserts and drinks has matured, but my appetite for cranberries has not. As the cold February wears on there is nothing I want more than some nice bright cranberries in my diet.

What childhood foods do you still love (if in new ways)?

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