Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Sink (For Real)!

I never liked my pedestal sink.  My contractor (and family friend) told me it was not good, but I was a stuborn 22 year old.  So I bought the pedestal and he bought the mirror, in the end it did not work.

When my husband and I moved in (ten years later) we wanted a new sink for the bathroom.  I wanted one of the PB ones (suprised right? jk) but that was not in our budget, so we waited.
I don't even like this one as much, go figure. {source}
One day I was in my local town killing time when I stumbled upon MY VANITY, it was just want I wanted.  It looked more like a peice of furniture, it had a marble top and a below counter sink.  I loved it.  The best part was the price, $150, including the sink and marble top.  Jeff went in the next day and bought it.  We could not believe that our local, middle-of-nowhere discount store had this great vanity.   Bringing it home is another long story (follow the link to read it) but we got it home and it was great...

...EXCEPT...it was black.

But I was not worried because, as you know if you read my blog regularly, I paint everything.  Well I finally painted it, and I LOVE it (sorry about the all caps, I try to use them sparingly, but I'm SO excited!!!).

Here is the final reveal:
I love how the vanity curves slightly.  It is the perfect size and now that it is white it looks amazing.  

We kept our old faucets because they fit and they worked (gotta keep it cheap around here).
We even kept the nobs.
I painted inside the drawers gray, to match the walls. 

Here is one last before and after:
Sorry about the toilet seat, gross.
Amazing right?  I just love it.  

We are working on the bathroom as a whole, so when we get a new mirror and all that I will do a full reveal. 
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  1. what store did you get this at? i love it! you did an AMAZING job painting it. love the shape, curves, style. all of it.

  2. That is so cute. I love the top with the side a little wider, great place to set a make up bag or a vase with flowers. Now I want to redo my bathroom.

  3. So much better. I have a pedestal sink in my basement bathroom. I feel bad to say it but I hate it as well (and I picked it out 9 years ago when we finished the basement). You have inspired me to at least try to convince my husband to have us change it. Thanks for linking up to my Swing into Spring party.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and commeting! I love the painted vanity!! Looks awesome.

  5. I love the look of pedestal sinks but they are not too practical. The new sink/console looks fantastic!

  6. I used to have this fantasy that I would finish everything on my on-going To Do/Bucket List. Now I know that is a fantasy for me. At the rate you create and complete, however, you're on your way. Nice work.

    Now, to the Blogmobile. Thanks for inspiring me to write...

  7. I love the new sink , so pretty and so practical!
    Looks like having your own home is lots of fun, I look forward to seeing it !

  8. Wow! SOooo... Much better.
    It is beautiful & perfect for that spot. What a lucky find. I liked it in black, LOVE it in white. Even better than the PB one.
    Nice job!!!

  9. What a bargain! It came out great. :) I love it too in the white. Great job! Thanks for sharing at Humble Homemaking.
    Humble Homemaking

  10. WOW. Giddy it looks so good. I bought a Home Depot vanity for my bath...it sits waiting patiently for my to paint it. I am so scared. What is your # 1 tip to paint it? Beautiful job.

  11. I love that and want one just like it, but I would need to keep the black. Great find!

  12. I would love to know what store you bought your vanity at!! Please please please! It is so perfect! Thanks!


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