Friday, March 11, 2011

Project Brighten Desk

Did I mention I wanta Pottery Barn desk?  Well that is not going to happen until I find a job or win the lottery so I did what I could with the desk I have. 

Painting my desk was out of the question right now.  I have school work to finish and don't have the time to sand, prime, and paint all the little nooks and crannies on my desk.  So I decided that with some accessories, some new lighting and a little love I could make my desk a better place to be. 

This is what my desk looked like last week:
See how dark and messy my desk became?  This is even after I tried to organize.  It was not good.

For Project Brighten Desk I had a bunch of crafts: there was the bulletin board (which I love), the desk accessories, and some store bought additions I got for (what else?), my birthday.  I even included my failed bottle project to fill up a corner.

Are you dieing to see the big reveal? 
Better right? 
I took out the old monitor, and added the bulletin board and new space for little desk things.  I even added a ribbon holder (now I want more ribbon).

See my little bottles?  I even changed the background in my post-it dispencer.
Here is a closeup of the ribbons, I don't know why I only have pink and brown ribbons, but it works for the color schemem of the desk.

I made each of the little buckets hold a different tool.  These are holding pencils.  How do you like my pig?  I like porcelain pigs for some reason (one day I will show you my pig that lives in the kitchen too).

On the other side of the desk I have a bin for scissors and another for rulters and paintbrushes.  The little apple was a gift from my hubby when we were dating. 

The notebook here holds craft ideas and blog post concepts, held in my last desk accessory.

How do you like my light?  I brought this back from India years ago and it is amazing every place I put it.  I just love it over my desk, as I have great light in the right spot without taking up more space on my desk.  I should really start importing these lights, they are better than anything I have seen here because it has so many shells (yup those are slivers of shells all hanging together)

OK one last before and after:


Project Brighten Desk was a sucess.  I may never get the PB desk I dream of, but like so much of life, I can enjoy what I have.  I love my desk now, and it is good timing because I will be sitting at this desk all day for the next five weeks writing my Graduate Thesis.

(I may be around blog-land less during this time as I have to write my thesis and it requires much work.  Please understand and be patient with me.  I will miss you all!)


  1. you are right! it's amazing. i love the light, very cool, the whole desk looks brighter. love it.

  2. Good job on clearing and brightening. Doesn't it make you appreciate the things you have more, when you can display them to better advantage. Good luck on your thesis; I can't even imagine how much work that takes.

  3. I love your attitude, you did a great job making everything work together. Good luck on your paper, so glad it is you and not me. :)

  4. Look's so calm! Definitely a workable space now!

  5. Love your new bright desk. You inspired me to clear my desk and brighten it up now.


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