Monday, March 7, 2011

Inspiration and New Friends

Home Maker on a Dime is hosting a swap following link party.

It is a nice way to meet new blogs and share your blog with new readers.

Well, I need all the above. I'm a new blog and I could use some new readers (not that I don't love my old readers, I love you guys tons, I just want MORE. I'm very impatient.)

How this works is that I write about some blogs at the party I like, become their followers, tell them and then we all have fun. Sound good?

I searched around and picked three I really like.

1. Miss Refashionista- First I just love that she made her own word (I think). I also love her stenciled wall paper (because it is close to the design I want to do in my bathroom). Hop on over and check it out.  I have to say it "She had me at the wall paper!".

2. c.w.frosting had me at the toilet paper rolls.  You don't know this about me but I am a little obsessed with toilet paper.  I have been painting still lives of toilet paper since high school.  I'm very strange.  I'm thinking of breaking out of acrylics and moving on the the real stuff, painting WITH toilet paper.  We'll see. 

3. Sweet Bee Hollow just seems like a really nice person.  I love her taste and can't wait to read more.  The inspiration she posted for a new kitchen has me dreaming big.

So these are my new friends, or at least I hope they will be my friends.  I'm a little shy about making friends, but I will read your blog and follow you no matter what.  

Thanks SJ for hosting this little party, and thanks for inviting me personally I feel loved already!


  1. Very cool finds!!! Xoxo ♥

    Rocio R.

  2. Hello! I came by from the follow party ... and I'm delighted to read some of your posts! Your kitchen dream will come true and in the meantime ... I think the curtain is a great idea. I've been married 35 years ... lived in 3 different house and never had enough cabinet space. Keep a picture of your kitchen plan by he piggy bank! I'm gonna follow you so I can see that dream come true in a year or so! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm your latest follower from the Swap Followings party. Please come follow me back at Thanks.

  4. Hi, following you from Homemaker swap. I look forward to reading more on your blog! Have a great week!

  5. Thanks so much for the feature! Looking forward to checking out your site this week. I'm following now!


  6. This is a really cool idea. I hadn't really heard of link parties until I found craft blogs. I was always a healthy living blog reader. I don't have that many followers/friends either. I think I have 7 haha so don't feel alone :)

  7. Thanks for checking out my little blog, I see that we follow some of the same blogs. I can't wait to check out some new sites you have listed and add you to my ever growing list of blog stalks.
    Thanks Again, Becky @ Sweet Bee Hollow

  8. Hi, Chance! Me, too, I'm the introverted and shy type but I'm trying to overcome it now by holding this linky party :)

    Btw, thank you for joining in the Swap Followings Linky Party and making the blog party a success :) Hope you'll link up again next month.

  9. New follower found you from Homemaker on a Dime, I love you crafty desk! I so need you to come to my house and organize, your before and after pics are beautiful!


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