Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I just got back from three weeks in Australia visiting my mother and two sisters.  It was an amazing trip.  I have not seen my mother or sisters for two years.  Living in New York with family in Australia is difficult.  It was made even more difficult when my father died a year and a half ago.  It was then that I realized that family is very important.  I wanted to make sure that my family knew how much I loved them.

So this year I went to Australia for the first time in twenty five years.  It was really nice to see my mom and sisters, but it was a real treat to see my aunt and cousin too.  I'm lucky to have a family I love so much.

Now on to the fun stuff.  Australia is such an amazing place.  The beaches are beautiful, the people are nice and the food is incredible.  One thing I love about Oz is that the people are so relaxed.  They walk around bare foot, and wear their bathing suits in the grocery store.  Unlike NY, the people seem to really enjoy their free time, not rushing around working hard all the time.  I just love that.  You see people having barbecues on the beach and just spending the day swimming, and surfing.  I would not mind that lifestyle one bit, I must say.

My mom lives in New South Wales near Byron Bay.  It is an amazing area.  That picture above is one of the beaches in the area.

This beach was one my mom and I found while waiting for my sister to finish her first day at college.  We drove out on this long peninsula and found a little walk out to this beach.  We also found this little light house.  It was nice too.

On another trip we went out to Burleigh.

There are all these cute little shops, and I found the greatest little dress that I can't wait to wear.

This is my aunt modeling with one of the fabulous dresses from "That Shop" (that is the name is the shop I swear).

I found these vegetable markers which I just can't wait to try to reproduce with paint mixers.  

My mom's name is Pippy, and it was fun to see a store with the same name.  Only in Australia.

One thing I loved about Burleigh was that you could see the city on the coast.  It just sprung up out of the ocean.  I was really surprised to see that.  It makes quite a view.

Although I love to see beautiful landscapes, I have found that the pictures I always return to are the ones of people, people I love.  So, although you may not know these people think of yourself as now introduced to my family in Oz.

And just because I can't help bragging about how great the beaches are, here is one last shot of yet another great beach (or two).

I have about a million more photos but I won't subject you to any more.  Just know that I really enjoyed the trip and love my family a lot.  I can't wait to go back, but next time with my hubby (he's going to love me).

Do you ever go on trips without your husband?  Am I the only woman who does this? (I hope you don't think less of me.)
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