Wednesday, March 23, 2011

All Caged In...

In the last couple of months (OK the last year) I have been obsessed with cages, birdcages to be exact. I just love them.  I have seen so many beautiful birdcages.  They can be so dellicate and ornate, or simple and stunning.

I'm not talking about real birdcages (although some antique ones are great) but the ornate ornamental ones.  A friend of mine who recently passed away  had a whole collection of them.  She decorated her house with them, and even had some birds for them as well.  I'm not ready to have a bird (I 'm just not into birds) but I do want more than my one birdcage.  I have a vission of a tall stand with an anique birdcage standing in my dinig room. 

Now, before I started blogging I thought this idea was crazy.  Who would have birdcages without birds?  That is just silly.  I even let myself be talked out of buying a real beauty last summer at an antique store.  But now I have a whole new circle of freinds (my blog friends) who have been encouraging me.  I may just do this whole birdcage thing after all. 

With my new found inspiration I saw this amazing ornimental birdcage at Crate and Barrel.

I can just see this birdcage on a tall white stand next to a some blue curtains in my yellow dining room.  Oh it would be amazing. 

I'm not going to be getting this birdcage any time soon.  I first have to convince my hubby I'm not crazy.  Maybe I will find one at an antique store this summer and make it my own.  But now I have put it in writing, I like birdcages and I hope to have one someday. 

One question remains ... what do you put inside the cage if not a bird? 


  1. I love bird cages, too! I found a vintage bird cage at an antique mall that was reasonably priced and even did a post on it. I'm your newest follower. I'm having a giveaway and would love for you to enter!

  2. Hi! i found you on a bowl full of lemons and decided to stop by/follow you! Love your page!! And love that you live in NY just like me!!

    I used a birdcage as my cardbox for my wedding. I loove it. I still use it as a centerpiece in my dining room! ;)

    Check out this birdcage!I think it's just what you want.

  4. What a great birdcage. Thanks for the tip. it is going on my wish list right now.


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