Tuesday, September 27, 2011

$100 Pottery Barn Giveaway

Not Just a Housewife has a great giveaway.  Be sure to sign up.  Who wouldn't want $100 for PB?

One Small Step for Chance....

... but no giant leaps just yet.

I had an interview today for a substituting job.  For anyone that does not know I am unemployed and looking for a teaching job.  I started looking for work late this year and I just want to find a full time teaching position.  So now I don't have a full time teaching job, I don't have my own classroom but at least I will be in a school and working toward a teaching independently.

The best part about my interview today was that the principal basically asked me why I didn't have job already.  He was shocked that I did not have a job.  His first comment was "You have a Master's Degree from Sarah Lawrence?"  "What are you doing now?"

I have to say it was a real compliment.  He then told me to give him copies of all my materials to keep on file in case a place opened up in the school district.  I was so touched by his kind words.  It gave me the little boost I needed.

I know there are a lot of unemployed people out there, but if you aren't in this situation you don't know what it is like.  Sending out your resume hoping someone will notice your qualifications.  In truth, searching for work is hard work.  What I realized from this interview is that sometimes I just have to keep plugging and maybe something will come through.  I am a good candidate and I will get the right job in time.

Recently, Jeff and I almost made a very big decision but after some serious soul searching and my great interview today I think we came up with the right game plan.  We will have to see how it works out, but it feels right.

Do you have that?  Moments when you just don't know what is right?  How do you resolve these moments?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Giveaway -- Orange Blossom Frames!!

Giveaway -- Orange Blossom Frames!!

Jen over at Tatertots and Jello is doing a great giveaway. Be sure to enter. The frames are truly worth the time.

Need Some Help!

I have an opertunity to work a craft show with a friend of mine.  She has a lot of stuff, but I thought I would add some of my own.

I'm trying to think of what people might want to buy.

Here's what I have so far:

My gift card holders:

My snack baggies:

 A couple of laptop cases, or I-pad cases:

Some reversible scarves for men and women from nice simple fabric.

And maybe some simple bags that I stencil (similar to my wedding favors for out of town guests- for all you readers who actually attended my wedding, and I know there are only a few).  

Now comes your help.  Do you think these things will sell?  Also do you have any suggestions for other crafts I could add to my collection?  Suggestions are very welcome.  Tell me I WANT TO KNOW!

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Memory Sweet Giveaway Winner

I am totally a week late on this one.  Sorry everyone, life ran away with my mind.  

The winner is: #4 Tammy and Type A.  Congratulations!  I'll email you with the info soon.  

Must Have Snack

I don't know about you but when I go out I often forget to eat.  I get so busy that I just don't eat anything until I'm so hungry I'm ready to bite the head off the next person in line or faint from low blood sugar.

The solution?  Have a snack ready in your purse when you are having a moment of hunger and need a quick pick me up.  The best part is that when you have a healthy snack you don't end up running into the gas station and buying a snickers bar (I love those, the are defiantly my weakness).  So now that I'm on a diet and snickers are out of the question I keep nuts in my bag.

The only problem with nuts in my purse is that the Ziploc bag gets all messed up and gross and I don't want to eat my nuts anymore.

So I made me own snack bag:

I actually made two.  One for me and one for my hubby to take to work with him.

You can't tell in the picture, but the inside is lined with fusible vinyl, so it does not get a ll gross.  now I have a stylish way to bring a health snack with me when I'm out.

Get the tutorial here.  The tutorial is great.  I love Rhinestone Beagle because she gave me this great idea.

I also love that you can just buy some scraps and make the bags because they are so little and cute.  This fabric came from the quilting squares you can buy at JoAnne's.

I'm sure you have seen this before but I still think it is pretty cool.  Hope you like my little project.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Renaissance Fun

Jeff and I just had the nicest day.  We went to the New York Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo, NY.

If you have never been to a Renaissance Faire (that's how they spell it) then you must go to one. They are so much fun.  This one is especially great and had lost of good shops, rides, shows and food.  Jeff and I had a blast.

I didn't bring my camera with me, so all these shots are from their website, but boy was it amazing.  People get dressed up in costume (ok so did I) and they talk all funny and generally it is just a good time to be had.  It is like stepping into another time and spending the afternoon there.

When I was in my late teens all I wanted was a cape.  So while living in India I procured some purple wool from Nepal (my mother brought it back from a trip she took), and red silk and made a purple and red cape with lots of pockets inside.  To this day when ever I go to a Ren fare (as they are called by slang) I like to wear my cape.  In truth, I have only been to two official Renaissance Faires but I did wear my nice cape this time. Some of the people working there called it a cloak which I just loved.  I also wear this cloak every Halloween and for the Beltane Festival (a crazy pagan festival I like to attend every year).  In the end I really have gotten a lot of use out of my cloak.

Along with my cloak I had a full red leather  skirt and a little white top, but what was missing was a nice corset to go with it.  So in the last hour we were there I bought one.  Let me just say that it was expensive enough that I don't really want to tell you how much it was, but it was worth ever hour of work I will have to put in the pay for it.  It looks amazing, it cinches my waist and puts all my bits in just the right place.  Now I just hope I really do throw that Halloween party so I can wear it again.

Next Jeff wants me to make him a cloak and maybe a robe as well.  He wants to be a wizard for Halloween, and he bought the staff and wand already.

But back to the faire... I missed the maypole :(  It was too bad, I love that, but I'm not a maiden anymore so I guess it does not matter.  We did see some great shows, although we were really bad about finding them and getting in the front.  We just watched whatever we stumbled upon.

There was an acrobat that was quite impressive and I gave a tip to the harp player, she was amazing.  I love the sound of the harp.

All the kids I saw seemed to be having fun.  They had lost of activities for them.

I saw the cutest hats that looked like flowers that would be just adorable for a little girl.  they looked like they came right out of the flower faerie pictures I have on my calendar  

Overall Jeff and I had a fabulous time.  What fun to dress up and pretend to be in another world.  Have you ever been to a ran fair?  Tell me all about it.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gift Card Wallet

Don't forget to enter my giveaway!!!!

I made these the other day.  

I made five of them as gifts or something.  I'm not sure what I'm going too do with them, but they are super useful.  

The tutorial is found on Nancy's Couture.  I love her blog, she has super cute stuff.  

Now because I'm so proud of my work I took lots of pictures.  

What do you think?

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Monday, September 5, 2011

GIVEAWAY: My Memories Software

I was contacted by the great team over at My Memories and they have given me the opportunity to host a giveaway for all of you!!!.

I have looked over the site (because I would not promote a site I don't like) and have found that this site is pretty cool.  My memories offers digital scrap-booking software for you to make your own books and digital scrapbook pages.  I just love the templates they offer.  There are lots of options to chose from.

What I love about My memories is that they have really tasteful templates.  For example they have a whole bunch of new faerie templates that just would be perfect for a little girl or boy.

Aren't these just adorable?
I also love that they have all these different themes you can chose from.  for example, when I got to the Caribeen this winter I can make a mouse pad for the tropics.  That way I can take a little bit of the vacation with me (and I don't have to buy any silly souvenirs I hate later)

Either of these would make a great mouse pad with pictures inserted.  Might be a nice gift for the grandparents (if you have children) too.

This software is also great because you cane add or take away any of the elements of the design, and really make it your own.  I love the flexibility you can have for this.

The other great thing about my memories is that you can make calendars, books and mouse pads and more. You could get really creative with this.

If I had the time I would make a book for a beach vacation from my trip to Maine last year.  This is the pages I would use.  I started this book, but have yet to finish it (I roll like that sometimes).

For my own project I made a simple one page design.

I then framed it and now I have a nice little shot for my mantle (or sideboard as it is).

Now for what you probably scrolled down to see: the giveaway info.

You could win one free software kit (a $40 value)!!!!
The program is everything you need to get started and make great projects.

Before you do anything else you must be a friend.  If you are not then your entries will be removed.

For your first entry: Go to My Memories and leave a comment telling me which templates you like best.

For extra entries you can do any of the followings

1. Like my memories on facebook (one extra entry) then leave a comment telling me.
2. Blog or tweet about the giveaway (one extra entry, use my links I like them :P) then leave a comment telling me.
3. Post to facebook (you can use the links in the corner to send a quick update) the giveaway (one extra entry) then leave a comment telling me.

If you don't win, or you already have the software kit then all you need to do is enter this code to get a $10 discount on the purchase of the My Memories Suite Scrapbook software and a $10 coupon for the MyMemories.com store - $20 value!.  So be sure to enter the code: MMS4Blog (at least I think that is the code, let me know if I'm wrong)

Good luck everyone.  I wish I could give something to each and every one of you.  I love my blog readers..Deadline is one week from Today, September 13, 2011.

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Super Simple Doorstop

When I saw this idea in my recent Martha Stewart Living magazine I just knew I had to try it.

I love the simplicity of the rock, and the fact that the rock is coated on the bottom with felt to stop it from scratching the floors.  What a great idea.

So I made my own.

Looks almost the same right? (Okay I know it is essentially just a rock but what to do.)

Here's what I did:

Gather supplies:

Apply glue:

Stick felt to rock: (this is really tough I know none of you could do this on your own right? lol I'm just kidding, but it helps to have the pictures I think.)

Finally, put rock against door: (Nope don't worry about drying time, I didn't, but I admit it might be glued to my floor right now. hehe)

I think my rock really works.  Let me just tell you, this door flies shut all the time because it has a huge window that catches the wind.  Now I have a way to keep the light going through the house.  And the best part?  The rock came from the stream right behind my house!!!

Who knows there may be more rock doorstops in the future.

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