Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Love Stalking Houses

One of my favorite parts when driving around with my husband is getting to look at all the beautiful houses along our routes (when I'm by myself I tend to swerve a little if I look too much, hehe).  I love to "window shop" and see all the amazing houses here in the Hudson Valley.  Poughkeepsie, where I used to live, has some amazing Victorian houses that make it almost worth living in the not-so-fun city of Poughkeepsie.

So of course it would not be too big a leap to know that I love to look at exteriors of houses on the net as well.  And where on the net?  Why Pinterest of course.

Today I realized I have 187 followers on Pinterest, that is a heck of a lot more followers over there than here (but who is counting?).  So let me highlight some of the fun my followers are getting over there HERE.

Below are seven  of my favorite exteriors from my board apply named "Exteriors."  I decided to go with the theme of spring and gardens.

I love wisteria.  My father grew some amazing wisteria in his old house, and he had dreams of growing wisteria on the exterior of my stucco home.  I would love that.  I want my house to be yellow with the purple vine all over it.

This house just makes me happy.  I love the little cottage with the daffodils in the yard.

I have an obsession with wrap around porches, I just love them.  I especially love when said porch has a curve in it.  I have always loved these kinds of houses ever since I was a kid.

This picture just makes me see a whole story.  I can see the garden and ocean beyond the house.  And of course, there is that wrap around porch.  I love the walk too.

I pinned this picture for one reason: the pergola over the garage.  That is just a brilliant idea.  If I had a garage this is what I would want to do.

This house is done really tastefully well.  I love the red accents and the roof is just fabulous.  See a trend with the porches?

This house was featured on and I just love it.  It has the porch I love with a nice big section on the corner, the gardens are fabulous and the shutters are so adorable.  Except for the tropical palm trees (because it's too cold up here) I would want this house.

I hope you enjoyed my virtual drive around the neighborhood.  Maybe one day I will take my camera and shoot some of the houses I have "stalked" (shhhh the owners don't know I rubber neck it every time I drive by) in Poughkeepsie, NY.


  1. Stopping over from your guest post at Embracing Change today. You're funny by the way. Your tip on the paint colors - brilliant and is that a painting of toilet paper rolls I see in the background? Also, I'll take the last house with the aqua shutters please.


  2. I'm obsessed with porches too! Thanks for sharing!


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