This is me and my hubby, Jeff.

Growing up I held the nickname of Chance because I was a chance to be around.  Today, my family and friends call me by my given name, Chandeen.

I'm a closet designer who never finished art school, but who got a Master's Degree in Women's History from Sarah Lawrence College.   I love to make all sorts of creative and fun crafts for me, my family, and my friends.

My passion for art and design has many avenues.  I love to decorate.  It never stops in my house.  I'm constantly looking for the next best piece of furniture or solution to a design problem in my little 1200 square foot house.  I also did all the crafts and designing for my wedding in 2009.  I had every detail taken care of, and got many wonderful compliments on the event.  Now, I have a dream to carry that creativity to other brides who might need my help.  I'm also a reluctant artist.  I hope to feed this raw creativity with more painting and sketching in the near future.

This blog is a chronicle of my creative endeavors and all the bumps along the way.  I'm not just an artist and designer, but a wife, a teacher, and a homemaker as well.  You will find posts about my struggle to get a full time job, recipes I have tried or created, and even my weight loss journey.  As so many of us know, there is no one label for anyone.  And, just like me, this blog is a reflection of my multifaceted life.

So, read, click, search, find, try, and enjoy.  This blog is for you to explore and use as you see fit.  Try a tutorial.  Sample a recipe.  Commiserate when I'm sick or just down.  Most of all, thank you for visiting.

Don't be scared, it is no longer a chance to be around me.  
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