Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I love Jenn's WIATs and it has nothing to do with the food.

Since I started my blog in January I have found no better group of supportive, kind, and creative women than those who have joined this link party.  I have missed you ladies, so here are my eats. 

I only have two meals to show, I forgot to do dinner. 


For breakfast I had vegan waffles (I'm still trying on vegan) with real male syrup and strawberries.  This was an amazing breakfast.  I love strawberries (as you will see from the next meal) and always think of them as decadent.  


For lunch I had rice cakes with peanut butter and strawberries.  I ran out of strawberries and added some dried cranberries in the holes.  All it all it was good, but I still prefer banana on my peanut butter.  (FYI the dried cranberries were better than the strawberries, these were the dregs of the batch)


Thereis no photo, but I had black beans, white rice, and steamed carrots.  I was sad my plate had nothing green, but the broccoli had gone bad.

Can you tell we need to go shopping?  Jeff and I have gotten bad about our meal plans, shopping and cooking.  Maybe now that I am done with my thesis I can get back to everything else. 

I can't wait to get back to my crafting, designing and general blog world I have neglected in the last weeks of my thesis work. 

Love you ladies, so nice to be back. 


  1. I love dried cranberries + peanut butter...Target used to sell a Vanilla Cranberry Peanut Butter that is perhaps my favorite flavored PB of all time. I don't think they are making it anymore, though, so I've been hoarding my last unopened jar...

  2. PB and berries!? ummm this might be my new fav! I've gone the banana route and done the berry combo in soft serve but seeing this makes me reallyyyyyy want this dish. stat! =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. Hi :)
    Im going to post my first WIAW tomorrow, so today Im just checking out some of last weeks posts:) I love your eats, so glad strawberries finally are in season. And I hope you will post tomorrow to, I love Vegan WIAW :D


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