Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm a Master!!!

You all have been neglected in the past month or so for my Masters work, well as of last Friday I am officially done.  I had my commencement on May 20, 2011.  I now hold a Masters of Science in Women's History! 

That's me before the ceremony.  I am so proud to have the special Masters gown and hood (it's a big deal, we had the hooding ceremony a few days earlier). 

Jeff got these three as I was walking down the isle.  That is my classmate Stephan in the background.  He was always good for some profound insights in department (even if he hadn't read the book).  I was in good company in this program.  I can honestly say that each and every one of my classmates were brilliant in their own right. 

The last time around (my undergraduate commencement), I did not get any photos in my gown with my family.  So this time I got photos with everyone. 

These are my new family, my mother and father in law

Here I'm with my step mother.

My husband (he's so cute).
After the post-commencement photos we all went over the the graduate building where they had a special lunch just for the Women's History class.  It was really nice to see all my professors (all three, that is) and have some wine.  It is great to be able to have wine with my classmates and teachers, I don't know I just like it. 

I also got a bunch of photos with my professors (who I refer to by first name), but I'm not going to post pictures of them here without their permission.  Not to mention it was very muggy and not  good hair day at all. 

That is my diploma.  Two years of very hard work, but the knowledge I carry with me forever. 


  1. congrats girl! all you hard work paid off. enjoy your summer! xx

  2. I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!!! That is a major accomplishment.

  3. Oh Shandeen, that is just wonderful. Your bloggy friends here are so very proud of you!! Hooray for Shandeen!! Great pictures. Love the flowering wisteria above you in the arbor. I know your family must be so proud of you. Have a great week.

  4. that is awesome, i am super jealous and inspired! i love seeing these pics of you, too-i'm used to the *almost* see you icon pic.

  5. Wow! That's a huge, awesome accomplishment! Congrats to you, I know that was lots of hard work & dedication!

  6. I am so proud of you and very sorry that I could not be there to share in your (other) BIG day. This is a huge accomplishment!!


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