Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How to Roll Out Pie Dough

Ok I have been on a pie kick this week.  I made two strawberry rhubarb pies in three days.  Both times I severed my pie I got rave reviews and requests for the recipe.  I have to say I make a mean pie.

Here comes the part you will not like...I'm not ready to give up my crust recipe.  I'm sorry but I love it and I'm not ready for the whole world to make my pies.

However, I will tell you my secrets for how to roll out a perfect pie crust.  These tricks always work. 

Have your filling ready.

 Get out your board.  I love this one because I know how big to roll out my dough.

Put the dough on a layer of wax paper.

 Put another layer of wax paper on top.

Roll your dough out between the two layers.  Sometimes if the dough is really sticky I have my hubby hold the paper still (it is a nice way to get close).

To get the dough onto your pie the best way is to first take off the top layer of wax paper and then proceed to roll the dough around the rolling pin.

I forgot to take a picture of the first layer, but the theory is the same.

Unroll the dough over the pie.  I was trying to unroll and take this picture so the dough ripped a little, but nothing that was too bad.

Cinch the edges, cut holes for the steam and put it in the oven.

Up next ... (eventually) how to make a lattice top. 

This was the first pie.

Do you make your own pie?  I have been told it is a lost art.  I love making pies, the warm fruit, the flaky crust .. it is amazing.



  1. It's so simple, but brilliant. I am now kicking myself for never thinking of using wax paper. I'm also a bit of a chicken when it comes to home made pie crust. Maybe this will give me the guts to try it!

  2. Strawberry and rhubarb pie is very popular in Ohio in the springtime. I have to admit though that I have never tried rhubarb. I love making pies.

  3. yummy! i'll be right over save me a slice! thanks for sharing this at my party!


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