Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dinner: Vegan Pot Pie

What I ate Wednesday was once again a bust.  I only remembered to shoot dinner, but it was a good dinner. 


Take not of my blurry background, I'm learning to use my new camera!

We were getting hungry so this shot was rushed.

Jeff and I made this pie just like we used to make our chicken pot pie, but added more veggies, mushrooms, and potatoes (and took out the chicken, of course).  It was so good.  The puff pastry is an easy way to make this pie without the fuss of a real crust.  Yum, I'm sooooo full. 

I have to make a confession: I have fallen off the vegan wagon.  I had cheese and muscles (yum love those muscles) over the weekend.  Jeff is still doing the vegan diet so our dinners will still be vegan but I can't wait to have me some eggs!!  A quiche in is my near future, I just know it. 

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