Monday, May 9, 2011

I won!

Ok I won  a long time ago, but I have been busy.  I enter giveaways all the time, and once in a while I win.

I once won some double sided tape.  It was much cooler than you would think.  I have never had double sided tape, it's cool stuff. I think the woman who did the giveaway was a little put off by how excited I really was.  She must have thought I was a nut. 

I also won some personalized moving announcements.  They were awesome.

AND now I won some jewelry!

I really love the two pieces I won, and I got a bonus pair of earrings.  How cool is that?

The red earrings are fabulous!  I have worn them more often than any other earrings in ages.  They are comfortable, and sparkly.  

The pearl clips are great, I just need an occasion to wear them.  Too bad my wedding is over, they would have been perfect. 

The purple ones look great too.  I love the way they have several different beads in the same color. 

I must say, it was nice to win something.  I never do all the extra stuff to get extra chances, like blog about giveaways, or Facebook it.  I usually just leave one comment and hope I win.  And this time I did win.  Yay.

If you like this jewelry please check out Mila's etsy store here

What about you?  Do you win giveaways?  Do you do all the extra stuff? 


  1. Gorgeous!!! Lucky girl! Congrats on the win(s)!

    I enter every which way I can! I'm broke! I need all the free food and accessories I can get! Which is usually just stuff like stevia and hair bows (which i've yet to wear! eep!) but still - it rocks to win anything! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. great jewelry! i won a giveaway where i got to pick some jewelry but i never received the items. i don't know if she shipped them, or what, but i feel like i can't be like "hey, where's the stuff i won?" i never do the extras, either.


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