Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Walk Through Marshalls

I went window shopping in Marshalls last week.  You see I love to take a trip to Marshalls when I visit the in-laws in CT.  They have a nice big store with lots of strange stuff (I got gold disco balls for Christmas last year).

I did not buy anything, but I thought I would show you some things I liked. 

OK, the pictures are not very good (I felt weird taking pictures of things in the store, you should have seen me sneaking around with my camera under my long sleeve), but this thing was so cool.  It is an inflatable cupcake holder.  You can actually fit several flats of cupcakes in order to travel with them.  I have always dreamed of being a great mom, who brings cupcakes to school for various events, and this little inflatable thing would be perfect for that.  But, I don't have any children, and don't even make cupcakes very often, so it was left on the shelf. 

This teapot is fabulous!!!  My grandmother had one just like it (I think) and anyway, tea pots like this always make me think of her.  I love that there is even a sugar bowl and whatnot to match.  Unfortunately, I already have several tea pots, so no reason for more. 

I'm not sure what these tins are for, they might have tea in them, but I just loved all the English icons here.  The double-decker bus, mailbox, and phone booth are all so great.  I have a thing for tea tins and these would be a perfect addition to me small set. 

I LOVE white pottery and this stuff was just calling my name.  The slight design that is all faded and rubbed-off looking, the slight off white color, I just love the whole thing.  Again, I have a set of dishes, that I already love, and another set my mother gave me I'm waiting to unpack, so I could not justify buying more.  I will just show them to the rest of you to admire. 

Finally, I saw this great lamp.  I have thing for orange, and this lamp would be perfect in my living room.  Too bad it was on clearance, because by now it is probably already gone.  I have quite a bit of orange already it might be time to add some other element to my living room. 

So there you have it.  My little trip to Marshalls.


  1. Marshalls is on my list of must stops. I actually bought those white them. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. I'm now following you and would love it if you would follow me.

  2. ooh, i love perusing marshalls and my mecca, homegoods. that inflatable cupcake carrier is craziness. i have a little tea tin like that, but since i despise tea (sorry, i know you said you enjoy teapots so i guess that means you enjoy tea) so i keep my sweet n lows in my tin.


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