Friday, July 1, 2011

A Walk Through Saratoga

I had the opportunity to visit a friend in Saratoga last weekend.  Not only did I get to spend time with a good friend, but I got to see a very nice city.

I have lived south of Saratoga for most of my life, but have never gotten up there.  The city is known for the race tracks, but there were not open (and I'm not really a gambler).  Instead I got to walk around the city, see the sights and shops, and best of all, the beautiful park. 

We walked through the park.
I like ducks.  I love the way their heads shine.

I also like roses.

We saw a couple of nice fountains.

These two guys are called the "Spit and Spat" statues.
They are spitting on each silly.

I also love the old regal buildings.  
I was a bit shy about taking pictures of other people's houses, but snuck some in. 

I also love this trolly.  The driver waved too. :)

I also discovered Cold Stone.  I know this is not special to Saratoga, but I never knew quite how it worked, what a brilliant ice cream shop.  Yum.  I enjoyed my "kid scoop."

We went to the state park and sampled some of the springs.
I made the mistake of trying the mineral springs, yuck, OMG that is some nasty water (but I hear it is really good for you).  My friend spent a good five minutes laughing at the face I made when I tasted it.

I can't leave you without a little peek at the two of us on these adventures. 

I have been to Saratoga for the concerts, but I have never discovered what a nice little city it really was.  The night life was fun, the shops were great, the food was very good.  I will defiantly be back. 

You know, I often think I have to travel to another country or even another state to see something new.  This trip has taught me that I can travel just a couple of hours away, in my own state, and still have a great time, see new things and, best of all, see freinds too.


  1. omg chandene~ i love it- great blog! WE HAD A GREAT WEEKEND I CANT WAIT TO GO DOWN TO WOODSTOCK AREA!


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