Friday, July 29, 2011

Our Wedding: the Ceremony

For the ceremony I made a program.  I had just finished making a program for my school drama play I was directing at work so this was not too hard.  I spent hours getting the wording right and the placement of each page.  In it I explained our traditions we were using and the wedding party of course.  At the back I included a tree personality fortune. Each birth month had a different fortune according to their "birth tree."  If you want to see it go here.  

I printed the program on water marked resume paper.  We bought a ton of it at a Office Max store that was closing.  (I still have it and use it for my own job hunt now) the cover was made from brown card-stock with a title glued on.  I then tied all the pages together with a pink ribbon.  I actually got blisters on my fingertips from tying so many little bows.

I had the florist line the isle with rose petals, but it was a big waist of money.  It was not that pretty compared to the rest of the beautiful garden, and it was very expensive.  

I saved money by having pink carnations made into the flower balls for the isle.  this was beautiful and quite cheap to boot.  

My bouquet was made of light pink flowers and white flowers.  I was going for lots of petals.  

We had a wonderful woman who did our ceremony.  She interviewed us and made sure she was comfortable officiating our wedding.

I spent hours making little bags full of biodegradable confetti.  I stamped little bags, and then fill them with the confetti.  At the last minute I found out that they would not let me use the confetti.  Now I'm not stupid.  I called the location and asked them what was the best thing I could use for confetti, and they said the biodegradable was fine.  Guess it wasn't because they would not let me use it.  Big bummer.  Unfortunately I don't have any photos of it, but it was very nice.  I even made little labels for each bag.

We decided not to do a sand ceremony as so many people did, because it just didn't seem like us.  Instead we shared a glass of wine as a symbol.  It seemed that people expected us to break the glass in the Jewish fashion, but that was not us either.

We wrote our vows together, they were a true promise to each other.  I framed those vows for Jeff Christmas present last year.

I loved the ceremony but it was the reception that really had everything in it.  I will be sure to post that tomorrow.  

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