Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our Wedding: The Dress

This week will mark my second anniversary (This Sunday) with my wonderful husband Jeff.  In celebration of this great occasion I will be posting about different elements of our wedding each day.

This wedding marked the beginning of my love of blogs, weddings, and event planning in general.  I did everything DIY and was told by several guests that it was the best wedding they had ever been to.

I planned the wedding myself and arranged everything from the dress (which I designed) to the centerpieces, favors, seating and anything else you can think of.  I'm a traditional girl (for the most part) so I really tried to keep the details of the wedding traditional, but like me, they had a twist.  

I started with the colors and style.  We knew we wanted to be married outside, and I wanted pink.  Jeff liked brown and we both love off white.  My dress was going to be ivory so we went ivory with everything else too. 

I had the dress made first. 

The sash was added, I originally had another sash that was not as good.  I really love the pop of color.  
I also had a piece of the back of the dress inserted with the same pink fabric as the dress so that they would tie together.

The dress was made out of real silk, and it had a beautiful shine and movement to it that acrylic fabric just does not have.

For my hair I just had a simple veil trimed with the same fabric as the dress, and a single orchid.

My dress was a true blessing.  I had it made in India during my last year of teaching there.  Two good friends and my sister all came with me to design the dress and talk to the dress maker.  I had to travel down to Goa from north India, and had not only a great little vacation but got the dress of my dreams.  It was a beautiful experience.  

I love to look at wedding dresses.  Vera just came out with one that was my origional idea, but now two years late.  Oh well, I still love my dress.  

What did your wedding dress look like?  If your not married, what do you dream of?  I want to know! :)


  1. Oh damn it, I just typed out a super-long reply and lost it when my internet cut out.

    The short version is that I said I wouldn't wear a strapless or white dress, and I ended up with this one: http://noirbettie.com/blog/?p=2903

    (At least it is ivory, not white.)

    (Can you believe I had to go back four years to find decent pictures of the dress? I post wedding pictures every year on our anniversary!)

  2. i got married in adidas track suit! really. blue and orange. don't ask. lol i love your dress, it's gorgeous! xx

  3. Your dress is beautiful...love the touch of pink!!!



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