Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Magic Picnic

There is a place near my house that is my favorite spot for a picnic and true to its name it is really magical.  That spot is called Magic Meadow.

This is one my favorite times to go to this meadow because the Mountain Laurel is in bloom. Mountain Laurel is not something I ever see in nurseries, and they are a protected plan in New York.  I feel that if I get a chance to see them it is a privilege. 

The whole trip was amazing.  In truth picnics are my favorite pastime.  What could be better than nature, food and my hubby all together on a beautiful day, right?  I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves.
Jeff walking in with our basket.

You have to cross a little stream and climb a little hill.

When I was little this was just a couple of stones to step across.

The views are quite amazing.
I love this little picnic basket. 

A meal of cheese, baguette, and berries.

Jeff as my model again.

I had to get at least one of us both.
What a wonderful picnic. 

What kinds of picnics do you like?  Where do you go?  What food do you take with you?


  1. That looks like a PERFECT spot! Great pictures and awesome memories!

  2. Love picnics at the Botanical Garden!

  3. aww, how sweet! it looks like a really relaxing and romantic time. that baguette looks deelish, too. the last picnic (it was more like a quasi picnic) consisted of us eating about a pound of strawberries and an orange each. i don't know what posesseed us to think we wouldn't want something else, but we were in spain, and trying to eat a cheap lunch!

  4. A few days before my 15th birthday I got lost in the woods outside Magic Meadow. We lived on Meads Mountain Road so I'd walked over the hill with friends. We were lost all night!

    I am not sure I've ever spent any time there during the day. Isn't that funny?


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