Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Livingroom

I don't like televisions in my living room.  I hate when the furniture is arranged so that everyone can watch television.  The best solution I have found is to put the TV in a cabinet of some sort.  Well, Jeff and I have been discussing the possibility of putting our TV in a cabinet, but the truth is we can't afford it.  Besides the obvious cost of a cabinet for the TV Jeff never saw how the cabinet would fit.  I thought maybe if I could get Jeff on board with the whole hide-the-televisions idea we would get one bit sooner.

So in my attempt to get Jeff to see my vision of a perfect living room I rearranged the furniture.  Now Jeff doesn't know my whole hide-the-television plan, so this is new to him as well.

I arranged the room so it would be more conducive of a conversation (and the couch faces the corner for the cabinet).

Here's what it used to look like:

... and here is what it looks like now:
Both these shots are from the same angle.  Here are a  couple more.

The new arrangement makes the room look much bigger.  It also shows off the new rug as well.  Jeff and I talked about getting a different chair (to replace the big leather one which is too big).  I hope to reupholster one some time this summer (I have a lot of summer projects)

Now all I have to do is fix up the other side of the living room. 
I envision a wood cabinet for the TV in the corner and maybe a nice table beside it.  My step-mother has a cabinet for her TV with a shelf that pulls out, that is what I'm looking for.  We will have to see.

I don't want to leave you on a bad note, so here is one more shot of the good side.
Ahhh, much better.

If you like this living room you can vote for me here.   (I'm trying to win, but not doing very well :( )


  1. I voted for you! I like your new living room look. Can you beleive we do not own a TV? We decided when we got married that we were not going to have, we never have. Never missed it either.

    You sure seem to be a great home decorator.
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. The new arrangement looks great! This is a perfect example how you can give your room a whole new look without breaking the bank. I really like your rug also :)

  3. Nice Post!!
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  4. I LOVE your living room, it's gorgeous! Thanks for your comment and for stopping by

  5. I love the room, it looks so good! I love the colors, with the pops of Orange, great job!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!

  6. I love your home and the colors! I understand about how long it takes to do the things you want because of money. My family room has been in process for a year!! Looking good!


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