Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wedding Blessings - Tablescape

Most of the porcelain and flatware on this tablescape was received as a gift from my wedding ... hence the title.  Jeff and I carefully picked out the dishes.  It took us forever to agree on a set.  We decided not to get a formal set, so we had to like what we got.  I wanted white with all the trimmings and Jeff wanted stoneware, this set was our happy compromise.  I love the color of the plates and the simplicity of the style.  Jeff and I went all out and got the whole set with a placesetting for ten (I think that is how many we got...I have forgotten). 

I decided to go for a simple and classic place setting to compliment the design of the tableware. 

I got the blue place-mats at Kohl's.  They were only five dollars and the a second mat was half off.  I'm working on a yellow and blue color scheme in the dining room.

See how the mats coordinate with the cushions my grand-mother-in-law helped me make? I'm keeping an eye out for yellow napkins to match the walls.

The napkins I chose for this setting are also great, they are hand crocheted and add an element of wimsey.  I bought them in India.

This little butter dish started it all.  I bought it with a gift card and then later saw it belonged to a whole set.  Once we saw the whole set we went for it. 

I registered for all the trimmings, the serving platters, the bread dish, and the milk and sugar bowls. 

I used the bread dish for my centerpiece. 
I love to float candles in water.  The light from the flames dance off the water and the combination of water and fire just entice my soul.  If it was not raining I would have put some flowers in the bowl as well.  I made a similar centerpiece for my wedding.  Floating candles and little roses in a clear bowl.  

Making this table scape brought to my attention that I do not have six matching water glasses.  My imaginary guests will have to drink wine, and wine alone.  

So there you have my tablescape.  What do you think?


  1. It's lovely! Where are the dishes from? I really like them.

  2. I think that it is very elegant in its simplicity and that you will never go wrong with this

  3. Very sweet - I love your dishes.

  4. Simple and Elegant, Very Pretty!


  5. The two of you made a good choice on the dishes. For years to come you will be able to use the white as a base for creating many other wonderful tables.

  6. i like your floating candle centerpiece. Love how the blue really brings out the beauty of your white dishes. Nice tablescape.

  7. What a lovely table! I just love white dishes. These will serve you well for every occasion, for years and years. Where are they from? They look so pretty with the blue too.

  8. So elegant, but yet very calming...beautiful.

  9. Ive never done a tablescape! so cute! =) I love the white on white action! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  10. When we were first married...forty-two years ago...we chose a lovely set of white stoneware very similar to yours. They've been gone for many years, and I've added many additional sets of dishes in the interim. Blue, yellow, and white is my favorite color combination. My husband and I figured out long ago that we both live well with blue. Thank you for sharing your lovely design. Cherry Kay


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