Friday, February 25, 2011

Spice of Life

No, there is nothing raunchy about this post, it is simply about spices, but they make me happy and when I can find them they add a little "spice" to my life, in a good way.

Here's a quick project I did while I was waiting for my pasta water to boil.
                                             Before                                           After

I labeled all my spices. You see, when we moved in we got  great little shelf system for the spices, but my spices are very large and the spices on the two back shelves were blocked, I could not read their labels.  This was fine until my hubby started cooking and moving around the spices.  I could not find anything anymore.  (This upsets me a lot, because I am usually in the middle of cooking something and then my onions burn because I'm looking for the oregano, that silly oregano!)
Who knows what those top two shelves hold!
So after yelling at him for messing up my spice rack I realized I was being unreasonable.  How can I expect him to put the spices back in the exact same spot?  It was not fair of me to yell.  (It's a good thing he loves me).

I took out my handy-dandy lable maker and ... now I can see what spices are where.
Ahh much better.

There's the oregano!

I even put them back in an order that makes sense to me (most commonly used spices in the front, least in the back) but it is fine if Jeff messes up the system.  I will still be able to see what they all are (that is as long as he keeps the labels facing front, oh no now I have something new to yell about)  I don't actually yell, I speak harshly.  

One last before and after:

What do you think, am I crazy or was this a good idea?  Do other people get so upset about their spices?


  1. Looks great! I hate not being able to find spices - too many to dig around through. I like your 'step' thingy too!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Oh Chandeen, your posts are making me want to get organized. Sigh. How about you come help me? ;)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment!

    Guess I ought to go find something to clean now, and it won't be hard, haha.

  3. looks great that is one lucky kitty! thanks for the comment on my measurements post, i'm still not ready for a two piece, when I am, then i'll be good! you are beautiful! xx

  4. How simply brilliant. My hubby also has started cooking, so I'm going to get on this little project.

  5. I love your labels on the spices. You are making what you have work for you.

    I keep all my spices in a drawer because spices make me crazy too. I hate it when they fall over. I labeled all the lids and keep them in alphabetical order so I can find them quickly.

    As I type this I realize that I might be crazy myself. With all that being said, I love your labels!


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