Friday, February 11, 2011

Getting It Done!

It's Thursday night, but I have to take you back to last weekend. We had a full weekend guessed a lot done.

Now Jeff and I are not that handy. I can paint something or follow a simple DIY tutorial, but many of the project we started when we moved in (in August) we never finished. So early Saturday morning (OK early for me, late morning for everyone else) my in-laws came to rescue us.

What did we get done you ask?

Here's our checklist:
This is just some of the things we did. (I say we, but really it was mostly my father-in-law who did the work.  I spent most of my time running around and taking pictures of the work.)  

The things that are not on the above list were
hook up our ice maker (on the new refrigerator)
replace dust guards

(It's not that exciting, but I was so happy he did it.  I have been looking at these plates on my dressor forever.)
Fix the radiator in the guest room (This one they he did first because that was where the in-laws were planning to sleep.)
Put up the smoke alarms (I know, we are bad for living without them for so long)
Then we got to the serious stuff...

The CHANDELIER!!!!  This was at the top of my list. (It has been off center since we put it up, but Jeff and I did not feel able to hang it from a hook because .. baby that thing was heavy.)
 We found the stud and made our hole.
 Attached the hook, chain and...we're done right? ...
(Armando's modeling for me...what a nice guy!)
Now my chandelier hangs over the CENTER of the table, not just one end.  (Just in time for my Birthday party next week.)

But the big job that Jeff and I could not do (because we don't have a big car) was moving in our new vanity.
 We used a makeshift sled (just some old wood planks) and pushed it across our lawn.
Through the snow...

Up the stairs...and into the house.  But then Armando really impressed me.  Right before they were about to leave, he ATTACHED UP THE VANITY...PLUMBING AND ALL!!!

I still have some work I want to do before I reveal our new bathroom, but boy did Jeff's parents save us.  The lists never ends (after they left we though of more stuff, of course) but we got so much done.


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  1. Moving that vanity is a very brave act! Whew!

    I'm following you, too, and thanks for leaving such a thoughtful comment in my blog :) Your blog is so beautiful, btw.


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