Monday, February 28, 2011


No I'm not having a baby (unless you count my fur-baby) but I am nesting...literally.
I made two nests yesterday. It was fun. I went out into the snow and cut a bunch of vines and twigs and such, then came in a wove them together. Aside from a little white flower twine on the big one these babies are just woven together.
I plan to use them in a project I'm working on, but I though you might like a peek at the various stages as the project comes together.

One thing I learned: it is hard to make a nest, those birds are talented.  Mine came out more like wreaths, but not bad.  Maybe I will make a big one for my door.  I can embrace my inner nesting desires.

What about you?  Any of you nesting, literally or figuratively?

The DIY Show Off


  1. I'm so into eggs and bird's nests, too, right now. I'll be posting birds, too, soon. Take care and keep on 'nesting'. Linda

  2. So, so pretty! I love how they came out. Perfect for spring.

  3. Thanks for sharing this at my party. It's adorable. I love nests and eggs.

    You are so right about the food, I eat a lot, and some times I can eat it all! Thanks for the comment! xx

  4. Ahh, very cute and spring like!


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