Sunday, January 23, 2011

Paper Crafts

Over the last couple of months I have been very busy, but I did find time for two paper crafts that I think turned out really well.

The first was a project I made for my husband.  Jeff and I always have a joke that different things are in our vows.  Such as "It is your job to shovel the is in our vows."  Now we both know that is not really the case.  But it got me will we remember what was in our vows twenty years from now.  We worked so hard to write them, we should have some record of them somewhere.  So I made this:

We wrote our vows together, and both said them to each other.  This made my project easier because I could just write one version.  I don't have any fancy cutters (like the Silhouette I hope to win) or anything, but I did go out and buy a Martha edge cutter for the project.  I also found this free invitation printout for the actual writing.  In all, it was not two difficult to make.  I enjoyed making something for my man, and it was something truly meaningful.

I also bought a Pottery Barn frame to finish it off, but it was on sale so I didn't break the bank.

The best part about making this project was how touched Jeff was when I gave it to him.  It actually made him feel bad for not buying me something more romantic (hint: jewelry).

The second paper project was something I made in an evening.  I was going over to my step-mother's house to celebrate a combined birthday and Christmas so I had a bunch of gifts, but I realized I forgot to get her a card.  Now my step-mother loves cards.  They are almost more important than the gift at all.  I thought: you know, a hand made card is better than a store bought one anyway.  Not to mention I actually forgot to call her on her actual birthday so I was in trouble as it was.

I made her this card:
Inside said: "but I hope spring comes early!"
I also have to mention that I have In a Pretty Pickle to thank for the idea of making a card at all.  Lena really inspired me to try my hand at a handmade (ha) card.  I may not have all the fancy stuff, but I can still make a nice little card.

That is my paper crafts.  It's not a lot, but considering I was in India for six weeks, this is not too bad.  I can't wait to make more. Handmade Valentines anyone?



  1. Very nice job, Chandeen. They came out beautiful. I love paper crafts.

  2. Thank you. I'm glad you liked my work. I can't wait to have time for more!

  3. I love the card! If you make Valentine's cards can I be your "sweetheart"??

  4. Aww...thanks. I'm glad I could give you some inspiration. You're card looks GREAT!


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