Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Expedit Booksheves

Jen over at IHeart Organizing just made a post on Expedit book shelves so I thought I would write this quick post myself to show off my Expedit shelves. 
That's them on the right.
My husband and I have a very long but narrow living room and very little square footage in our house, so it made sense to us to divide the living room into two spaces, living room and office.  We used the black/dark brown large expedit bookshelves to do so.  We even got the desk that attaches to them for my husband's desk, while my desk is tucked in the corner of the "office."  (I'm not going to show you my office yet, because it is a disaster.  It is on my list of things to organize)

This is our shelf system.  I have an orange thing going on in the living room so I got a bunch of the orange cardbord boxes and magazine holders for the book shelf.  Looking back I might have prefered baskets, but the boxes were much cheaper at the time.  

I love this bookshelf as a room divider and the boxes provide lots of extra storage.  The built in label pockets are great too. 

I also like to play with light and sillouetts since the shelves are open on both sides.
See how the light comes through the vase?
Overall, this was a good fit for our needs. 


  1. It is so fun to see it as a room divider! What a great use of your long space.

  2. Thanks so much for writing this up and sharing it with me! Such a great use of space, I think what you have done is just perfect!


  3. Are your orange boxes from IKEA too?

  4. Yes, Jaymie, the orange boxes are from Ikea as well. They fit perfectly into the bookshelf.


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