Monday, January 10, 2011


I find that when I see something in a magazine, or online I like to keep a copy of it so I remember.  This started with my wedding when I was collecting pictures of flowers, cakes, and hairdos.

So ... without further is what is inspiring me right now:

My bedroom is designed loosely after this picture.  We have the dark furniture, light bedding and I actually painted the walls blue.  My mother-in-law thought I was crazy and kept asking me if I really wanted the room painted blue. 
My guest room is going to look something like this.  I have the walls painted a wonderful grey/green, next is the right bedding.  We will see how it turns out.
If I was single, this and the next shot is what I would want for a bed room.  Light, pink and sunny!
I love the tub, pink velvet bed and dress in the window.  My husband would not be happy.  At least one day I will get the cast iron tub.  I also love a chair in my bedroom, a place for the laundry to fall.
This chase lounge would be great in my bedroom.

I find that keeping copies of designs I like helps me to zero in on what design elements I want in my home.  After a while I start to see trends, and then I know I really like that particular idea.  I have tons of images like this.
What do you think, could you live in a room with a bathtub?  How about a pink bed?  I would love to hear what inspires you. 


  1. A great follow up would be to show the bedrooms you created with these inspirations. You could maybe talk about which design elements you trashed and why and what MAKES the room for you. I know for my bedroom it's all about the textures, which is why I can't give up that quilt even though it's now a bit too small for the bed.
    Can't wait to read more:)

  2. My rooms are still a work in progress. Once I get the right duvet cover maybe ;)


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