Friday, January 21, 2011

New Tub...Almost

When I moved into this house there were a couple of things that needed to be done right away.  This tub was one of them.

As you can see it was less than perfect, and this was after the guy started to patch the holes.  The tub was just bad.  It was worn down to the cast iron in some spots and had so many holes that the man I hired to fix it said he should be charging me a fortune.  Apparently his father-in-law charges two dollars a hole, and I had little pock marks all over the place.

Scrapping the whole tub was not an option because the tile work in there was all new.  I actually picked out the tiles (about ten years ago, I inherited the house).  So although my taste has changed I can't justify paying for a whole new bathroom.

BUT we could justify the 500 bucks it cost to refinish the tub.  And it was well worth the money.

Here is my tub today.

Nice and white now right?  I'm so happy to take a bath in this baby.

This is the whole bathroom.  There are many things I would change (see my inspiration post here).  Overall, it is not too bad.
That's my husband's hanger (he gave up ironing)
What do you think?  The bathroom is not perfect and the pink marble coupled with blue tiles are a little much, but overall it is not too bad right?

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