Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I ate Wednesday #4

Today was a crazy day. I had to go back to Kingston again this week, but managed to remember to eat this time.

After reading about Maria's breakfast last week I was inspired to put peanut butter and coconut on my hot quinoa. I have been waiting to try quinoa instead of oatmeal (I'm so tired of oatmeal). Now this is one of my favorite breakfasts (although now I want to add Nutella too).  It is really filling.

For lunch I went to my local health food store for a quick Fakin' Bacon, lettuce, and tomato.  Yum.  This is my favorite lunch in Kingston.  I even found a callorie free fruit soda.  Score.

My Jeff was not feeling well when I got home, so I just made steamed veggies and white rice.  I have been sick so many times in India so I know this is the best meal to make because it will stay down.  (My poor hubby)
I like to have mango pickle (that stuff in the lower right hand corner) and yogurt with my veggies.
No dessert.  But... I'm making some trail mix (thanks Jennifer) for my party so there might be some snacking.

Happy Wednesday!

*I have to say I'm much more inspired to eat well when I'm publishing my food online.*

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  1. isn't it crazy how photographing your food can help you make choices in your eating? sometimes i'll look back and be like why did I do that? and then b/c there is photo evidence of the day I can figure out if I was stress eating or not eating b/c the hubs wasn't around. stuff like that! =)

    Thanks for playing along! Hope you'll like up next week too! xoxo


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