Thursday, February 17, 2011

Quick New Hair Clip

This is such a quick project, but I wanted to add my little blog to the CSI party this week, so I whipped it up.  I have actually been meaning to make this for a couple of years now.  Just the other day I realized I already had a hair clip I could use, so I got myself in gear and made it.

The flowers are a gift my mother sent from Australia.  I love them, but I love them even more now that I can wear them.

The project was easy.  With my supplies in hand, I just heated up my handy mini hot glue gun (I have not graduated to the big size yet) and was ready to go.

The flowers are three separate little porcelain pieces.  I used the glue gun to attach them to the hair clip (alternating the placement of the petals so they fit snugly).

When they were dry they went right in my hair and I could hardly wait the five minutes for Jeff to come and snap a picture (I actually tried to snap one myself, but it is really hard to take a picture of the back of your own head, believe me)

That's it.  My gift from my mom is now in use on my head.  I love the colors, they will be great this summer.  (I have two more that will make perfect little matching barrettes, but that is for another day.) 



  1. very cute! =) perfect for spring and summer!

  2. Playing catch up again, and very excited now to see the video of your bouncy dance. I love these decorations, Chandeen, but I still really love streamers, too. I would not have given you weird looks - just a knowing nod that says, "Nice streamers, lady."

  3. PS Apparently I commented on the wrong post - I was talking about the birthday decorations. As for this post, I wish I had hair to put clips in. Maybe you could design one that attaches to the bald spot growing on the top of my head. My wife very generously calls it "God's yamaka." She's very sweet.


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