Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tool Drawer Reorganized

Thanks to Jen over at IHeart Organizing, I have been inspired once again to organize something in my life. This time it's the tool drawer.

My husband and I have tool drawer upstairs so we don't have to go down to the unfinished basement to get a quick tool.  Somehow this drawer became our second junk drawer and had way too many non-tool stuff in them.  

Here is the before:
 That big yellow bag is a powered screwdriver.  Under it is more stuff...

Stuff that are not tools:
a package of unopened coasters
an umbrella
a small bag of rocks
several unopened spare Christmas light bulbs
an unopened package of car freshners
two no-longer-sticky sticky hooks
the family phone book
one empty jar
two empty tin canisters

I also found a whole bunch of tools, nails, and screws that should be downstairs.  After I got rid of all that stuff and added some containerstto keep the place in order this is what I got:

All the necessities are there.  The right screwdrivers (normal ones), a hammer, a level, a measuring tape, and the supplies for some projects I still have to finish. 
I used an old silverware organizer for the tools. 

The hammer and paint swatches (I have to have my paint swatches on hand at all times) go on the side.  
Now I'm not afraid to use my tool drawer, and now, I can actually find the tools I need. (yay!)

Here is one last before and after:


If you came over from IHeart Organizing please feel free to browse some old posts.  I'm small, but I do a lot of creative stuff.  Welcome to Designed by Chance.


  1. I love organizing things!!!! The junk drawer is always a hard one. It doesn't stay organized for long. Good job on your tool drawer!

  2. oh my gosh, how pretty a drawer full of tools looks. what an odd thing to think, right? great job!

  3. i love the little mesh tool bin. omgosh you given me some ideas!!! thanks for the 411 on Sherwin Williams. xx


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