Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Somewhere Warm {I wish}

Two weeks on a secluded Caribbean island... oh how I wish I was there.
This is where I want to be right now.

In New York it is cold and miserable, so I thought I would post about my wonderful trip to the Caribbean almost two years ago.

For our honeymoon Jeff and I got a two week stay at my step-mother's house in St. John, US Virgin Islands.  The house is perfect for a honeymoon, and apparently many people do chose it for their special vacation, it is rented out weekly.  The house where we stayed has a hot tub, and a dipping pool, not to mention the canopy bed overlooking the ocean.  Astral Ridge was our hideaway after the Wedding, and some days we didn't even leave the compound. 

Remembering those two perfect weeks makes me want to go back.  Here is a taste of how beautiful the house was so you know what I mean.
Here you can see the house and the view.  {source}
The road up was pretty tough, but the view and quiet was worth the effort.  I highly recommend this house if you want to get away.  Also, there is a guest house behind here that has two more bedrooms and a kitchen, so if you want a family vacation this can also be perfect for that. long introduction is really about the photo book I made when the honeymoon was over.

There are a bunch of different programs out there that offer photo books, but I like My Publisher, and they offer discounts all the time if you are on their email list.

When I made this photo book I tried to make it like a story.  I began with the trip across from the big island and worked my way to our last sunrise.
On the main island, St Thomas
On the beach
Our last sunrise
My Publisher even offers photo dust jackets so I could write something on there as well.
  I was really happy with how this book came out.  It is a great way for me to remember the trip.

The last thing I did was create one page that was a little story as well.
Jeff getting me a flower for our last dinner on the island.
You can see here how Jeff had to climb around the pool to get the flower.  I also like all the templates My Publisher offers.  This one is for "traveling" and has all kinds of stamps and little stuff like that.

There is another template I'm looking forward to using that is designed for all old photos.  The Vintage design looks like this:

Photos above courtesy of
That is for another time...
***None of the above mentioned sites and programs paid for the endorsement, I just like them.***


  1. i thought it was ice cream at first and not eggs! lol it all looks yummy.

  2. Wow these pictures are great, looks like a really good time.

  3. This is awesome! Please make sure you link up when we celebrate project photography at the end of the month!

    Love the book, you did wonderful! And I too, would love to be somewhere warm!

    Thanks for sharing!



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