Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Pink Fix

I love pink.  When Jeff and I were deciding on our wedding colors, pink was my first choice, but in the end we only used a little pink for two reasons.  One, all my bridesmaids hated pink.  They would have worn pink if I asked them, but I did not want to make them miserable.  And two, I wanted Jeff to feel he had a part in the planning of the wedding, and he felt a little uncomfortable with a really pink wedding.  In the end, we made brown and white our colors with a light pink accent.  It was perfect.  I digress... my point is...I like pink.

I can't decorate my house pink for one of the same reasons I did not make pink the main color in my wedding.  I think Jeff would be a tad uncomfortable with a pink house, room, or whatever (although I like Beth's pink closet idea).  All that aside, I still love the color pink, and have managed to infuse it into some of the things I do, colors I wear, and objects I own. 

Without further ado, here is a little pink fix for anyone who might need it.
My pink dress.  This is a fabulous dress on its own, but the fact that it is also a rose pink just makes it that much better. (Sorry about the color, my camera is not the best, it is actually more pink and less purple than this)

A friend gave me this little pink memo pad and I love it.  It is much like my wedding invitations and it just makes me happy.  I'm actually thinking of using these colors for my desk.  Who says I can't at least have a pink desk?  I like this idea more and more.

On Sunday night I sat down and really got my pink fix.  I took out all my girl-y pink Valentine's stuff and made some cards for my female friends.  I decided this year that I would not send any cards to the couples who usually get my Valentine's cards, but only to the girls.  So I made some cards just for them.

**Spoiler alert....some of these cards will be given to my girl friends so don't scroll down if you want to be suprised*****

******** (these are spacers)



I can't think of Valentine's Day without thinking of pink, but some of my women are more the blue type of girl, so I did some blue ones too.  What do you think?

Lastly, I came to the end of a magnetic memo pad and couldn't bring myself to waste the magnet, so I made some quick pink magnets with some old wedding table decorations.  For the tutorial on the glass marbles go here (I submitted this tutorial long before I started this blog; it is a pretty cool little craft)

I made hundreds of these little "message marbles" as I called them.  Lots of people got to take their favorite saying home.

Let me leave you with this.  It is a little postcard I found yeas ago.  It lives on my dresser mirror and it is very true to who I am (Again the card is more pink, damn those point-and-shoot cameras).

Besides my bridesmaids who hate pink, or at least hate to wear it, any of you need a pink fix once in a while?  What are the pink fixes in your home?
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  1. I love these message marbles so much! Why didn't I come to your blog sooner??!! I would love to give these as favors at the baby shower! But it's this Saturday - boo hiss!

    Who knows, maybe I'll give it a try...

  2. Well, I'm behind and your prolific and inspiring. Let's make like Pink and get this comment party started.

    My wife's not a pink fan and even put a note in our baby shower invitation to avoid the color. Now that Amari is here, however, and makes even pink look adorable, Carrie's coming around. Should I dress her in a basketball jersey to see if that works on Carrie, too?

    Keep writing, C.


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