Monday, February 11, 2013

My Little Valentine

My birthday is one week after Valentines Day so no fancy dinners, long stem roses, or jewelry on February 14th.  Valentines Day is a quiet evening at home.  Because the month can get expensive I usually make a nice dinner for the two of us.

What follows is my ideal little Valentines night at home. In reality, much of this probably won't happen.  It is a weeknight after all.

So, this is the ideal.

Valentines Dinner for Two

Individual Chicken Pot Pie

First, a nice dinner.  We love chicken pot pie in this house so that was our pick.  I just got some really cute little Le Creuset oven-proof pots.  My little pies will look great.  You can find the recipe here.  This is a Better Homes and Gardens recipe, so you know it will be good. And the best part?  The recipe is for two.  I will probably make a little salad for the side.

Next ... Desert.

Chocolate Souffle

Nothing says "Romantic Valentines Meal" like chocolate souffle for two.  I love me some souffle.  The trick is not to over mix the egg whites.  I got this recipe is from Real Simple Magazine.

Extra Valentines Fun

Now for the fun stuff.  If I had all the time in the world I would also add these little touches.

A cute outfit is always nice, even for a evening at home.  I have the pearls, shoes and dress, I could use a red clutch and scarf, but who needs a clutch when you're not leaving the house anyway?

After dinner it will be nice to use these dice to mix things up.  Don't worry, they are totally PG.  Follow this link for the printable.

If we get the need for a little snack I would love to have these cookies on hand.  Maybe next year, after I have  the cookie cutters.  Sorry, there is no recipe or tutorial.  I guess I can write some directions when I figure out how to make them.

How do you celebrate Valentines Day (or do you just hate the "hallmark holiday."  Hay, I'm not judging)?

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