Monday, November 19, 2012

DIY iPhone 5 Charging carrier

I got my iPhone a couple of weeks ago.  I love it, and I tend to answer my phone a little more now.  I also use it for keeping grocery lists, my calender and all that.  I probably could use it a lot more.  But I was charging it on my kitchen counter, and I have to admit, it got a little messy.  So I made this little carrier for my phone. 

One thing I love about Apple products is how simple they are.  The designers keep the look light and clean.  I wanted my iPhone carrier to reflect that same look.  It was so convincing that when my husband came home he asked where I bought my it. 

Here is what I did.

I took an empty body wash bottle.  (Can I just take a moment to say I love this body wash?  It is super moisturizing and smells great.  I have to get more.) 

After washing it, I noticed that the writing on the container was just a sticker.  So with a little pulling and a lot of patience I got the sticker off. 
I then took a wax pencil (left over from my art school days) and made a line where I wanted to cut. 

With a sharp box cutter I cut the bottle to create an opening for the phone and a hole in the back for it to fit over the plug. 
The back swoops upward and has a small square where the iPhone plug holds up the whole carrier.  You can also see the remnants of the wax pencil. 

I then rubbed off the wax pencil marks, washed the bottle again, because my dirty hands has smudged it, and applied my little Apple sticker that came with the iPhone. 

And see, all done!
The fit is a little snug with the iPhone and chords, but it works well for now.  I hope to get a real charging station to go on my sideboard for Christmas.  I have one all picked out. 

Here you can see my iPhone carrier hanging off the kitchen counter plug.  I love this plug.  It is the most useful plug in the house.  I'm not always happy with the work my contractor did on my house, but this plug was a winner. 

Now, I'm sure you, my wonderful readers, know a lot of great stuff about the iPhone or any smart phone for that matter.  do you have any tips for apps I can download or programs that are good to use?  I need help.  I want to use my phone but not sure what it can do. 

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  1. i know nothing about an iphone or any smart phone, unfortunately. but i'm digging your new holder-i have this pinned on pinterest, too, but never got around to actually doing it.


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