Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The State of Our Well

Hubby and I were gardening one day and we found a hole in the ground.  I mean a HOLE!!!  It was deep an quite scary.  So we covered it back up and called up the local well drillers for an estimate.

This is what they uncovered:

Looks like three of the walls to this well fell in.  We even found a little spider too.

After digging around a little the workers said the could fix it.  And the good news?  They did not have to dig a whole new well.  They are just going to raise up the pipe so it is above ground.  Then I could put in one of these little wishing wells.
I know, it is a little silly, but so cute.  We have a guy down the road who makes them, I would love to give him some work.

For less than we thought, we will have a new clean well, WITHOUT, the dirt in our pipes.  Yay.

Ah ... being a home owner is a lot of work.  I can't wait to get rid of that hole and clean up the yard.


  1. dirt in pipes does not sound good at all! my sister in law has one of those cute wishing wells, too.

  2. good work, clean water is essential. I like those little wishing wells! How about a wishing well gnome to watch over it???


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