Monday, April 2, 2012

Small Improvements

Last week I had my big reveal, now back to some small improvements around the house.

Hubby and I took a little trip to BB&B (Bed Bath & Beyond) and bought some little things that made my life easier.

First, we bought some small tension rods.  We got three of them for the following two projects.

I am always frustrated when my cutting broads and cookie trays fall all over the place, so I installed two tension rods to keep them in line (ha).

Messy boards.
Neat boards
See the white tension rods keeping my boards from the cat food?  Good stuff right there.  Even hubby noticed (now that is an achievement, just kidding, he is pretty observant).

Next I fixed my ribbons on my desk.
Messy ribbons
Neat ribbons

Before I had a horrible not-working-very-well tension rod with a screw (who uses those? They are terrible) and now I have a nice easy one.  I finally cleaned up my ribbons got rid of the empty rolls and made them pretty again.  Yay.

Finally, I saw a sale at my beloved BB&B for glasses.  Now we had the worst collection of odd glasses that were inherited from various places.  I was hankering (yes, hankering, that is a word) for a bunch of glasses that all matched.  So for $10 (actually $9.99 but who wants to squabble about 1 cent?) I bought a bunch of matching glasses.  I packed up the old ones and put in the new (after I washed them of course).

Miss-matched glasses.
All the same :)
I'm constantly improving the house.  Soon we hope to get the water system fixed (that will be really good).  For now, I will be happy with my little improvements around the house.

What do you think, have you jumped on the tension rod bandwagon?  It is so easy to do and so helpful.  What small projects have you done to make life better?


  1. I did something similar a couple of years ago with a Rubbermaid unit that you screw into the cabinet floor. It's been heaven for keeping tray, cookie sheets and cutting boards neat! ~ Maureen

  2. “Miss-matched glasses” - I LOVE it, tell me that’s not a typo!

  3. We recently installed some cabinet organizers and I cannot believe how much easier my life is now. Here's to small changes that make a big difference!

  4. It's all those little improvements that really make a home. I've got a list of about a hundred. You've inspired me!


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