Saturday, December 24, 2011

Just in Time for Christmas

I got all the presents wrapped just in time for Christmas.  I went super simple this year.  Each year I like to wrap the presents with a different theme.  Most years it has been gold and red (I like gold and red for Christmas), but this year I wanted some of the very popular baker's twine.

I just love that twine.  I actually caused a bit of a stir in the house because I asked Jeff if I could buy it and when he heard with shipping it would cost around $20.00 he said no.  But I decided it would make more sense to buy the twine than the same amount for wrapping paper, ribbon, and bows so I bought it anyway.  When I told him he was only slightly upset and said I had to give him kisses to repay him.  (Of course that was not a problem at all, I love to give my honey kisses.)

I already had the brown paper from a huge roll I bought two years ago for painting (it is a good way to cover the ground).  So I was all set for my wrapping.

Each family member has a different first initial so the labels were super easy.  I used my handy printer, some resume paper and my wonderful puncher.

My mother-in-law only saw the tops of the packages when we arrived in town yesterday and was a little skeptical about using brown paper to wrap the presents.  Then later, after dinner, she saw all the presents out under the tree and she goes "The presents really look nice!"  It was so funny because she truly sounded surprised that they could look so good with just brown paper and baker's twine.  I think it is the magic of the twine.

I love to use different themes for Christmas wrapping.  What about you?  Do you just use whatever you got on sale form the year before or do you do something special each year?


  1. I love your tree and the way you wrapped the presents.
    Here on Tenerife Christmas is celebrated in a very cheerful way, not at all "all is calm"....
    As a matter of fact I just woke up at three
    o´clock in the morning because there were people with firecrackers in the street. They love firecrackers and fireworks here. We have two firms that make fireworks that win international prizes for the most spectacular show.
    I always say that it´s because we are living on a volcano island and the locals are used to outbreaks. And since there aren´t any at the moment they make sure that something else makes a lot of noise....
    Wishing you a very merry Christmas,

    and now you could make ME smile by adding me on SKYPE (you probably didn´t read my request?)

  2. Your tree is lovely. I love having themes for different occasions. I just became your newest follower. I love your blog design. Merry Christmas. Please stop by and say hello....Linda


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