Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Painted the Room Blue

I painted the roses red room blue.  (Sorry had to throw a Alice in Wonderland reference in there)

But I did paint my room blue, my living room that is.  When we moved in I knew what color I want the dining room to be, but I was never sure about the living room.  My old living room was just too much orange.  Don't get me wrong I love orange but I needed some balance. 

But then after seeing these picture I realized I wanted to paint the room blue.

See how the orange is balanced with the blue.  Well that is my new plan for my living room.

So after rearranging the furniture I knew that a new infusion of color would be great.

Now it needs some more blue in a couple of pillows and maybe a lamp.

I can't leave you without a full size picture of my nice new room.

Still to do:
1. Get blue pillows
2. Maybe a blue lamp.
3. Refinish behind book shelves with subtle wall paper.

I also changed one chair, the curtains, and (in case you missed the huge difference) I added a plant.

What do you think?


  1. I would not have thought it would have such impact but it TRULY does! It adds so much to your already great space! I think it is the shade of blue that blends and adds depth. It looks awesome!

  2. perfect! such a stylish look, is that really all you did? i do see a new chair, but i swear, it feels like there's more blue somehow than just the paint. it totally works!

  3. I love love love it! Blue and orange are perfect together!!

  4. Love the blue with the brown and orange - it all looks fabulous together!

  5. Blue was a great choice! Love those inspiration photos.


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