Monday, June 6, 2011

Laptop Sleeve for My Hubby

After the hubby saw my computer sleeve, he wanted one of his own.  I used this opportunity to make a better sleeve than the last.

I must say, it was a bit more complicated, a bit more involved, and I made some mistakes, but in the end it came out quite well. 

I used two different shades of grey for this one, and it was not just normal felt, but wool felt (fancy stuff for my hubby).  I also used magnetic clasps for the cover flap, so that it would be easy for my husband to open his sleeve and get out his handy laptop.

The process is similar to the last one, found here, but because of one mistake I made (the front layer of felt was too thin in width), this project was slightly more labor intensive. 


1/2 Yard of felt in two colors
Two magnetic clips (not too strong, you don't want them to interfere with the electronics in the laptop)
Sewing machine
(And the computer so you have the right size)

Like the last one, I cut the outer layer of felt to wrap around the laptop one and a half times.  make sure to leave enough fabric to overlap sufficiently and create a close. 

Fold over the close where you want to have the magnetic flap. 

I gave the overlap of about an inch, a generous inch.  This has to be done first so that you can attach the clips, before you sew the two layers of fabric together.

To attach the magnetic snaps, you have to make small cuts, slip the clasps through and attach them to a piece of cardboard (I was not sold on the cardboard, but now I see that this was a good idea, it is easier to open the flap with the cardboard to hold on). 

Then you have to add a layer of metal (this is included).

Fold over the spokes and the clasp is done.  Repeat these steps for the remaining three snaps (the second side of this one, and the two for the other side).


Notice how I put two different sides of the clip on the same side of the flap?

I had to undo the second clasp (on the right) and put the right clip on.

Next, it is very important to find the right place for the other snaps.

I had the laptop in the sleeve, before I made the marks, and even then I had to change them later. 

When you have all the snaps in place, then you can start the second layer.

Measure out the second layer, this is where I had my chance to fix the too thin outer layer.  I made the inner layer a half inch wider on all sides. 

I then sewed the two layers together on all sides.  I made sure to mark here the button flap would overlap.

I used a zipper foot (after breaking a sewing machine needle) to sew near the snaps.

To sew the inner layer, I turned the pieces inside-out, and only sewed the two sides to make a pocket. 

I also sewed the snap flap on both sides of the snap, it make for a better line on the outside. Then I trimmed the felt around the top.

I think it came out very well.  I especially like the way the inner layer shows on the sides.  I tried to get my hubby to pick a brighter color, but he liked the grey. 

Overall I'm very proud of this. 

I can see this in many bright contrasting colors.  I would do a pink and ornage for me, or black and red.  Oh there are so many great options.

What colors would you choose?

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  1. Great tutorial. Thank you so much for linking up to More The Merrier Monday. I can't wait to see what you come up with next week.

  2. What a great idea! This would make a cute Father's day gift for my man.

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