Friday, August 5, 2011


Three weeks ago I was in Alaska.  You would never know because I had my posts scheduled, but I went away on a cruise for a week.  It was amazing and I ate way too much, but it was a wonderful time away from the world.

Then I came back and life got away from me, so this is the first time I had to get a post up.  

I'm going to try to stop writing (for once) and instead just let the pictures speak for themselves.  So there may be a whole bunch of photos, but very few words.  

Waiting for the plane

Our bags.

The boat.


 Inside the boat.

This guy was cool




This was just funny!
Our Cabin
Our Room.  

I love that our guy put our books in the right spots.
 The Gold Village
The Gold Village

The "ladies" tent.


Gold, Jeff was good at finding it.
The Mountains!!!

The Glacier!!!



The Senate house.

There was so much more, but alas, I did not photograph it.  I must say the excursions we took were amazing.  We went white water rafting, and zip-lining, and then panning for gold.  But my favorite part was the little restaurant we found for dinner the last night.  It was just a magical night for Jeff and I at the Pink Bicycle.

So that is our little trip, or actually, the trip of a lifetime.  Thank you Belinda and Armando!!!


  1. absolutely fantastic !!! I know you must ahev ahsd a wonderful trip !!

  2. that glacier looks amazing! zip lining! one day, my friend, one day, i will get to alaska, too. so glad you enjoyed your trip. now loan me your inlaws!

  3. how exciting! looks amazing, so glad you guys had fun!


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