Monday, October 29, 2012

DIY Wine Charms

I have been wanting to make these wine charms for a very long time.  I told my friend about them and she was surprised I had not made them yet, since I talked about them so much.  I just love the idea of a wine charm because I'm always losing my wine glass.  Does this happen to you?  I'm at a party and put my glass down and the next thing I know I have lost it in a sea of other wine glasses that all look the same.  My husband has been known to keep track of my glass for me at times.

Wine charms are the solution to this problem.  Because I don't have a very good memory to begin with, I made these with both pictures and numbers.  That way at least one side will be remembered.

I had so much fun making these.  I have dreams of making many more.  The only problem is that these charms take a very long time to make.  I have literally been making them for three weeks.  I may have to find a better way to create a seal on the surface.  The resin I used just takes too long to dry.  I have read about a powder resin that dries in the oven in 20 minutes but it has been sold out at all the online stores and I can't find it at Michaels.

How to Make Wine Charms


1) An assortment of pretty paper.  I used origami paper, because I had it, the thinness made sealing them with resin really easy.  
2) Mod Podge or some other sort of decoupage glue.
3) Resin (can be found at a craft store, follow the directions carefully)
4) Scissors
5) Stickers, glitter, or anything you want to adhear to the charms.
6) Little flat pendants.  This will be the frame for your charms.  
7) Round rings 

Decorate the Pendants 

The best way to get a good fit is to make a template out of cardboard.  Make sure your template fits inside your pendant.  

Then cut out the same shape from your decorative paper.  

Glue the paper to the inside of your pendant with the Mod Podge.  I was careful to use different patterns for each pendant so that they would be recognized easily for the drinkers.  You can see they are different, but all follow a similar theme.  This makes them more cohesive.  Be sure to also coat the top of the paper with transparent glue in two coats so that the resin will not make the ink bleed.  

Once one side is dry you can do the other side.  I used glitter and white number stickers.  Again you want to coat the top with clear glue as well to make sure nothing gets stuck in the resin.  

Apply Resin

Making the resin is a little tricky.  I read the instructions several times and still got resin that never totally hardened the first time I did it.  Each type of resin is different so I would suggest that you follow the directions on your own package. With the one I used, I had to combine a resin with a hardener, mix for two minutes, transfer the whole thing to a new cup and mix again.  

You could skip the resin and just leave it done with the clear glue, but the resin really makes your charms look professional.  It gives them a great thick seal.  I love the look I must say.  So, in my opinion  the resin step is worth the trouble.  

Once you have the resin mixed, just apply it to the dry, decorated pendant.  Make sure to have a nice thick layer, but also be careful not to go over the edges of the pendant too much (otherwise it will look messy).    

Let dry.  This is the hard part.  My resin took 48 hours to dry.  

Then do the second side.  When that is dry and the resin is nice and hard, add the rings.  

Enjoy your wine charms and never lose your wine glass again.  

Censational Girl, where I got this idea, used Amazing Glaze, and finished it in one day.  I would love to get my hands on some of that and make MANY more.  I think everyone should have a set.  There are so many possibilities for different designs and colors.  I love this project.  


  1. They look fabulous! Where did you get your pendants and what size did you use? Thanks!

    1. I got these pendants at Michaels. They are not easy to find. They are about an inch square. I looked online and had no luck finding more at a better price, but you can find many other pendants that are similar.


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