Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DbC on Facebook

I updated my blog more than a year ago, but I never took the step to make a Designed by Chance page on facebook.  I'm not sure what was holding me back, but I am finally over it.

I am now live on Facebook, and I want you to join me.  Like my Facebook page and get updates and all that. Or you can also just click the Facebook icon on the top of this page.  It will get you to the same place.

I even plan to have a book trilogy giveaway soon too, so get a jump start on the requirements and like me now.

Just wanted to let you know another way to stay in touch.

Also, if you have a facebook page I would love to follow you.  Leave a comment with your link or page name and I will like you too.  We can all be "friends" (ha, sorry for the cheesy joke).

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  1. Done! I don't have a page for my blog but I do have one for my knitting design business:


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