Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I Let Go

I am on the final stretch of my Masters Thesis and looked up from my laptop to see this:

My desk was a complete mess.   I actually had to make room for my little kitty to set next to me.  

Even the floor behind my chair was a mess.  We had that rug rolled up like that for weeks. 

The dining room has our picnic basket from the weekend, mail, and some over-sized flower pots I hope to use.  

Hiding behind the dining table is some stuff Jeff brought back from our trip to the in-laws.  I have no idea what is inside that giant black duffel, but it is very heavy.

These books are in line to be donated...one day.

The bedroom is even worse:

To be honest, my dresser looks like this most of the time, but it was a little worse.

The bed was unmade, I hate that.  I also had bags from our last trip still waiting to be unpacked. 

BUT it was not all me (and I had a very good excuse) my dear hubby was to balme as well. 

Exhibit A:
His side of the bed.

Exhibit B:

Jeff left his ties all over the house.  I finally got him to stop leaving his socks all over, and now the ties.  I will never win. 

I let the house go.  I did not clean for a very long time and it all piled up.  You will be happy to know that today I cleaned, did a million loads of laundry, and have returned my house to some sort of normal state. 

Now if I can just get all my footnotes in order life will be perfect. 


  1. Footnotes can be in order? I don't believe it!
    The way I see it, a messy house means you've been productive elsewheres. My house has been extremely clean the last few days, which means I haven't been productive on the thesis end. I should work on that...

  2. The house happens. It piles up and then you attack! Which reminds me, I need to attack the inside of my refrigerator...you are courageous to post photos of your mess. It's not really that bad, but I know it feels like it when it's in disorder.


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