Monday, May 16, 2011

I Got It!

Ever since I started this blog I have wanted a new camera.  The camera I was previously using was an old camera I bought about five years ago.  It went to India with me for two years while I worked there, and has been faithfully at my side. 

Unfortunately, this little camera was never very good, but was fine for preserving memories while I was away and at home.  The Indian dust was not so good for it either, my old camera had trouble opening and closing the lens shutters.  I often had to push them open with my finger before I could take a shot.  That is not too bad, unless I'm making a pie and  have dough on my hands (yes that happened to me), but now that I put my photographs online almost every single day, I could use a better camera. 

For the last five months I have been saving up for a new camera.  I work the odd job for a friend and get money on birthdays and such.  A couple more months (or maybe even weeks) and I would have had enough for the camera.  I really wanted one for my upcomming trip to Alaska.  But the good hubby beat me to it.  Yesterday, as an early graduation present Jeff bought me the camera I wanted. 

Actually I'm not sure if it was the exact one I wanted because I had not decided yet, but it was one of the three I had narrowed down to in my search. 

There she is, a Cannon Rebel TI1.  She is such a beauty.  I only just started to read the manual, and I don't really know all there is to know, but the shots I have managed to take are amazing.  

 Old Camera

 New Camera

Ok, if you know anything about photography you know that both these pictures were taken with the wrong setting for an indoor shot.  I haven't figured out how to change the settings on my new camera, on the old one I just selected an icon that was for indoor lighting.  I will have to see about that.  Anywho, you can see in these two shots that the second one is better.  The new camera not only makes clearer shots, it also blurs the background of the shot.  I think there is a way to do this more, but I have to figure out how.  

I just love my new camera.  The possibilities are endless.  I can't wait to do some crafts (I know I have been neglecting them) and then take great pictures of said crafts.  

This is a quick still life I shot this afternoon before the sun set.  Pretty amazing right?  

I hope to be able to get back to my crafts this week or next.  I have graduation on Friday and then I can spend all my time crafting.  Can't wait!


  1. lucky you , enjoy your new camera and good luck with graduation on friday xmx

  2. I am so happy for you Chandeen!!!! Please make sure you let hubby borrow your new camera and take pictures on Friday. We want pictures of graduation day!! Congrats!!

    Mary Ann

  3. Congats!! woot woot!! I need to upgrade soon! I'm working on that!


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