Thursday, April 21, 2011

UPcycled Air Freshener

For Christmas this year I got a wonderful car air freshener from my sister-in-law.  What I love about it is that it is NOT hideous.

In the past two years I have driven a lot.  This year and last I was communicating to school almost two hours both ways.  I ate a lot of meals in my car and it began to get funky (if you know what I mean).  I bought a lot of air fresheners, but i always hated how they looked.  Those cardboard air fresheners are just ugly.  My car is so cute I didn't want to defile it with a tacky freshener, but I did because I also didn't want to offend my passengers with a stinky car.

But this past gift solved my freshened the air, and was attractive.  I loved it.  I loved it until it stopped working that is.  The little sent thing inside dried out and my car was back to being stinky. 

At the same time I have a lot of bars of soap people have given me as presents, but I don't use soap bars, I use liquid soap in the shower and at my sinks.  These bars of soap went unused and have started to add up in my vanity (I have three bars as of right now).  I read you can use soap as an air freshener, just throw it in the side pocket of your car and you have a nice smelling car.

I started to think, maybe I can put these two techniques together.  Instead of throwing away my beautiful car air freshener I refilled the smelly bit (I don't know what you call that) with a little piece of soap.  Now I have a nice smelling car, and a pretty air freshener to boot.  I rule. 

This what I did.  I have no idea where my sister-in-law got the original air freshener so I can't help in that department, sorry.  The pictures are pretty clear, so I will stop "talking" now. 

Now my car smells like cranberries and has a cute little jewel like thing too.  Love it.  The best part is that I have so much soap I can just keep doing this with my extra soap for ages.  I can change the smell and color there are so many possibilities.  I can't wait to use the lemongrass soap my step-mom bought, yum. 


  1. Friend, you are just so creative! What are you going to think of next! This is just such a neat idea.

    I am going to make the linen spray you blogged about. I do not have vodka but I read where you can either use that or witch hazel...I do have some of that, so I am going to try that.

    I can only wonder what your next creative idea will be....I'll stay tuned.....

  2. what a great idea!! i also hate those ugly air freshener that you stick in the car! it looks so cute and now that you know how to refill it yourself your car would smell nice all the time!

    Thanks for joining the homemakeronadime creative bloggers' and Hop!

    Susan @

  3. Very cute and very clever! I need to do this too! (Of course I need to start with a cute holder first...)

  4. Clever, clever! How great is that to be able to have NICE scents in your car in such a pretty holder!

  5. Awesome very clever!!! I’m your newest follower from Creative Bloggers Hop. Please follow

  6. Chandeen, what a brilliant idea! Those ready-made fresheners make me sick so reading this gives me hope :) Really appreciate you sharing this great post with us at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop.

  7. I love this air freshener for the car I will make one with some local handmade soap. It rains so much here that the car always smells slightly musty. such great and simple idea!

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  10. I have 3 of those medallions bought from Walmart 2 years ago, clled Zen Spice. I really like the design of the medallion as an air freshener. I haven't seen them since but did track down that they were made by auto expressions, though I don't know that they make them anymore. How were they split apart?


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