Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Garden Update

My bulbs have come in.  I posted last fall when I planted the bulbs and now my work has come to fruition.

I started with this.

Now I have this:

Much better.

I made four beds and they are all in bloom now.

I'm really excited that my tulips made it.  We have a lot of deer in the area, and they love tulips.  I gambled that the deer would not venture to the front of the house.  My gamble worked and they have not been eaten.

My garden is looking good, and in fact, it is looking even better than these pictures.

The tulips have bloomed and they look better than any grocery store tulip I have seen.

I even planted some hyacinth, yum they smell amazing.

I love spring for all the bulbs and new life.  So let me just share one other plant in bloom ....

... my cherry tree.

Hope you are enjoying the spring.


  1. It's so much fun to see blooms where there were none! Your hard work certainly paid off. Do you get to bring a bouquet of those wonderful cherry blossoms indoors? ~ Maureen

  2. I just happened to be working in my little garden this afternoon. I am taking a little break to catch up on my favorite blogs. Your flowers are very pretty. This is my first year for a little kitchen garden right out my back door. Hubby will have his garden as usual, but I decided to have a little garden right outside the kitchen. I am planting Roma tomatoes, Wala Wala onions, green onions, green peppers, and a few herbs. I am also planting my childhood favorite zinnias. For some reason zinnias just make my heart happy! Hope you have a nice weekend. Always love your posts.

  3. Oh, my deer would love all those pretty flowers ;)

    Looks wonderful. So fun to see your work pop up!


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